Xtrfy M1 RGB gaming mouse review – with a special approach to design

by NxtVeeru, Friday, 10 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Xtrfy’s patented M1 RGB design was developed by craftsmen from Sweden with the collaboration of professional eSports athletes. Rather than chasing some sky-high parameters of speed, acceleration and resolution, manufacturers have placed a deep emphasis on the ergonomics of the device and have taken the features to the optimum level, above which the differences are especially noticeable on paper.

This is not the first appearance of the Xtrfy M1 RGB model on the market, but the improved and refined version with improved performance, lower weight, beautiful RGB lighting with adjustable brightness and effects.


  • Shape: Xtrfy patented (for right-handers)
  • Sensor: Pixart 3330 Optical Gaming Sensor
  • DPI setting: 400-7200
  • Polling Rate: 125/500/1000Hz
  • IPS: 150
  • Acceleration: 30G
  • Weight: 86 grams
  • Feet: Teflon
  • Wire length: 1.8 meters

Equipment and design

Xtrfy M1 RGB

Packaging Xtrfy M1 RGB black with yellow. On the front there is a color print showing the general shape of the mouse, and on the bottom there is a diagram showing the length, width and height parameters in individual parts of the case.

The mouse is located on a cabinet under a removable cover. The kit contains detailed instructions with features, instructions for use and safety rules.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

Xtrfy’s emphasis on greater control in the device’s interior is evident even when looking at the cable – a fairly thick 6-foot braided wire turns out to be incredibly soft, glides easily over the carpet and table surface and is almost weightless – this is Xtrfy technology EZcord, another independent development of the company.

The dimensions of the mouse are close to universal gaming and office devices, which fit equally well in an elegant and large brush. Thanks to the anatomically well-thought-out curves of the sides, the contact is natural, the device becomes an extension of the user’s hand.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

The black housing is covered with a matte soft-feel coating. On the one hand, it seems to be glued to the brush. There is not even a trace of sliding, no matter how famously you wield the mouse. On the other hand, rubbery plastic is easily soiled, it collects prints, dirt and dust – you will have to observe increased hygiene on the gaming table.

There are two side buttons on the left. They are wide enough for users with different hand sizes and moderately stiff to prevent accidental clicks. The keys stick out a bit, but they don’t affect the grip at all.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

The solid rubber wheel has clearly noticeable travel intervals. The glossy black rail is separated by an LED diffuser which adds to the overall RGB lighting scenario. The mouse has three wide Teflon glides, allowing the device to glide over any smooth surface with noticeable ease.

The Xtrfy M1 RGB has a calm and minimalist design with a minimum of gaps and bright accents. Meanwhile, without exaggeration, this is one of the most comfortable mice I’ve ever touched. A truly premium, well thought out shape, made from quality materials.

Features and impressions

Xtrfy M1 RGB

The Xtrfy M1 RGB is equipped with Omron switches and the Pixart 3330 optical sensor found in popular gaming devices such as the Cougar Surpassion, MSI Clutch or Red Square ice cubes. The speed rating is 150 IPS and the acceleration is 30 g, which is more than enough for any modern gamer or e-athlete according to most experts.

There are two switches on the bottom of the mouse. One of them, when pressed, changes the DPI value of the sensor – from 400 to 7200 dpi, and the second switches the polling frequency of the mouse between 125, 500 and 1000 Hz.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

The first feature allows you to customize the mouse to work (e.g. with graphics and games that require fast and accurate aiming. And also for higher resolution screens – the higher the screen, the more the cursor jitter stands out at a low DPI value .

The mouse polling rate indicates how quickly (how often) the sensor informs the computer about location changes. The higher the response, the smoother the pointer moves across the screen, which affects the quality of cursor positioning and control in games where the mouse controls the movement of the screen.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

In fact, both parameters are subjective for each individual user. Someone prefers to play at a lower DPI, someone does not like too high hertz. Anyway, the ability to set everything up in a few clicks, without resorting to third-party software, is undoubtedly pleasing.

Finally, the Xtrfy M1 RGB has a rainbow backlight with soft transitions and evenly distributed LEDs. A wide diffuser band wraps in a semicircle around the housing, illuminating the surface in front of the mouse with colorful lights. The Xtrfy logo on the housing lights up separately.

Xtrfy M1 RGB

Using the keyboard shortcuts described in the manual, you can adjust the brightness of the glow of the lights, change the speed of their flicker and the RGB effects. If desired, the backlight can be turned off completely.


I really liked the Xtrfy M1 RGB tactile – when you first touch the mouse, start using it to control a game or just move the cursor over the desktop there is a feeling of absolute comfort. As if this gadget was made especially for you, like clothes are sewn according to the figure in professional workshops.

She has a calm look and the same calm backlight, but these decisions read the dignity of a professional gaming device and not a Christmas tree toy decorated with lights.

I definitely didn’t like the coating on the case – it’s comfortable, no doubt, but it gets dirty very quickly, affecting the appearance of the product. As a rule, rubber inserts on the side are enough for gaming mice, so that the grip is quite reliable. Given the great ergonomics of the Xtrfy M1 RGB, I see this as unnecessary.

There is another good argument for the Xtrfy M1 RGB – despite the good filling, quality materials and design, the price of the device on the official website is only 3,490 rubles, and you can find it even cheaper at retailers.

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Excellent ergonomics

Lightweight, glides well, comfortable thread

Beautiful, adjustable backlight


Cover is very thin

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