World of Warships organizes marathon in honor of the 350th birthday of Peter the Great

by NxtVeeru, Friday, 10 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

The developers of World of Warships have prepared special in-game events, gifts and competitions for players.

The Anniversary Marathon will take place in World of Warships from June 15-30. You can join the event by clicking the corresponding button in the event presentation. With the start of the marathon, special combat missions open up for participants, which can be completed on ships of level V and above, as well as on superships.

All participants will receive a “Imperial Standard of Peter the Great” commemorative patch, and additional rewards include the unique “Stormy Wind” and “It’s Your Day, Commander!” camouflages, as well as containers of resources and the “Peter the Great Monogram” patch.

    World of warships

The top prize for completing the marathon is a unique Commander-Emperor Peter I the Great with six skill points and specialization in Orlan. The development team paid special attention to the creation of its image and voice acting.

All players who complete the marathon will be able to participate in the final draw, which will take place on the official World of Warships channels on July 1. There you can win themed prizes and other souvenirs with the symbols of the game.

    World of warships

In addition, for subscribers of the VKontakte community World of Warships and the group of the State Historical Museum, an interactive naval battle with awards for accurate shooting will be held.

And also, especially for the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I, the developers of World of Warships, together with the State Historical Museum, have created a set of special stickers for Telegrams. Feel the festive atmosphere and receive a sticker pack you can follow the link. History buffs are also welcome to the official Telegram channel and Odnoklassniki dedicated to Peter the Great and the history of the formation of the navy.

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