Victoria 3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

by NxtVeeru, Monday, 13 June 2022 (3 weeks ago)

The third part of Paradox’s historical global strategy takes us to the end of the 19th century and offers to bring prosperity to one of the nations of the time.

Paradox Interactive has unveiled a gameplay trailer for Victoria 3 – this time players experience the industry’s heyday in the late 1800s. Traditionally, they will have an in-depth gameplay that will offer to create their own history, which will require them to conduct political affairs, resort to wars, face random events and get acquainted with many other gameplay mechanics.

The developers talked about such things in the trailer – for example, a detailed social simulation is expected, thanks to which each resident of the player’s country will have their own beliefs and lifestyle. The living world is now changing before our eyes: the railroads connect the cities, and they grow with a successful government. The developers also noted the advanced economy, diplomatic victory and domestic politics.

Well, the fact that it will be possible to rewrite the history of our vast, or any other country of the Victorian era, cannot help but draw attention. Victoria 3 will be released “later” this year.

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