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if you found our content interesting and helpful.It’s no surprise that when there’s a choicebetween free and paid, we are down for the free option.Question is, is there a free VPN that’s good?Tor (The Onion Router)A lot of free VPNs will promise adequate protectionbut you should remember a very important point.If VPN is completely free, chances are the product is you.More specifically, the product is your dataor the attention you will give the numerous adson the VPN app.And even if they don’t take your info,free VPNs rarely have the means of getting many servers, good speeds and stable performance.Honestly, even though you can find a good free VPNI believe that sticking to premium services will be safer and more beneficial, but that’s not why you came here.And that’s precisely why we present to you the five best free VPNs, judging by performance, security  and entertainment options.Starting with Atlas VPN.This freemium VPN has paid and free options.And the latter one is certainly one of the best among free VPNs.There’s no bandwidth limit, decent speed sand great security with 256  bit encryption.It’s not it’s Atlas VPN safe, it’s how safe it is.I’d say safe enough.Furthermore, it supports P2P connection so torrenting is an option.

However, only when pain can you extend server locations from three to 17 in tota lalso watching different Netflix libraries with the free version is impossible.The paid plan is only a dollar and 39 cents a month.And unless you get it , you won’t be able to contact customer service.Still, this is a solid free VPN and it still gets even better if you invest a little.Proton VPN comes next.Just like Atlas, it has free and paid options.Sometimes I hear questions like, “Is Proton VPN safe?” Answer , hell yes, it is.In fact, it’s the safest free VPN that not only provides the top grade encryption but also has a kill switch.Well, there’s no bandwidth limit.There aren’t many ways to take advantage of it either.Torrenting and unblocking streaming platformsis impossible with Proton.

Performance  wise , it’s below average and it doesn’t have a lot of servers either.The premium version fixes all the aforementioned issues and it costs $3 and 29 cents a month which is quite a decent price.(bright music)Windscribe is a freemium VPN that often gets mistaken to be completely paid.Honestly, I’ve heard the question, “Is Windscribe VPN free?” more than I can recall.It has a free version and a very good at that.A strict no-logs policy, lots of security featuresand unlimited device limit per account.There’s a lot packed into it.Main con, you ask?That would be the 10 gigabytes per month data cap.But even if you had no limitit doesn’t unblock Netflix with the free version.However you can torrent.It’s not bad in the performance level though,having free servers in 10 countriesand providing stable and moderately fast connections.Premium for Windscribe costs upwards of a dollar per monthif you only want one location and a few bucks morefor there more than 500 available servers. VPN is up next,being a good security and privacy choicewith genuine, no-logs policy and high tier encryption.It’s one of the few free VPNs for Android and iOS as well.But unfortunately, if you’re looking for a VPNthat can change locations frequently, is not the best choicewith only three available countries.There’s an option to choose the fast tunnelingprotocol wire guardso it’s one of the fastest free VPNs out there.Additionally, Netflix is not an optionand even if it were with 10 gigabytes per month data limitthere’s little that you can do really.So you can only use one device per account.With premium you get up to 1,800 servers in 72 countries,port-forwarding and cancel the bandwidth limit.Honestly at $4 and 99 cents a month, this is a decent deal.Zoog VPN is last in our listand it’s because it’s plainly mediocre.It passed 128 bit encryption, which is below the standardbut some good security featureslike kill switch and infestation.It can be used on any platformbut has only one device limit per account.It even has free servers in the us, UK and Netherlands.Three prime Netflix locations but it doesn’t unblock it.See for each good thingit does something nullifying the benefitsand the 10 gigabyte data limits certainly doesn’t help.Well overall it’s a decent VPNthat gets better with a premium versionthat costs a dollar and 87 cents per month.That will fix every problem I just mentionedbut it would be nice to haveat least some of those things for free.As you noticed all of those VPNs have a free limited versionand the full paid ones.

However, there’s also an optionfor getting a full premium VPN for free.Just for a limited time.The following VPNs have a seven day trialand 30 day money back guaranteeso you can use all of their features for freefor a month.Since none of their free VPNs, unblocked Netflix for freetrying those three is your best optionif your heart demands new entertainment.(bright music)Surfshark is fastest and most secure VPNs on the market.It works remarkably well with torrenting,Netflix and other streaming platforms.It’s also dirt cheap with an unlimited device limit to boot.You can try it out on iOS and Androidfor seven days for freeor enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee on any platform.(bright music)Private VPN has a seven day trial on all platformsand it’s decent VPN with a high grade encryption.It’s capable of unblocking Netflix, but it’s notably slowerthan Surfshark and some other top VPNs.It’s not the most expensive tool out there which is good.Last one is kind of a surprise.Proton VPN actually has both a seven day trialfor its premium versionand 30 day money back guarantee for it.So you can enjoy a paid versionand then downgrade into the free oneif you don’t need paid features anymore.

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