Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time

NxtVeeru, Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Hey, everybody loves free stuff,and believe it or not, not all free games are bad.Here are some legit free single-player games,25 of the best of them.

Cloud Climber

This is a big list,so let’s get started off with number 25, “Cloud Climber.”This is a short one, but it’s a beautiful gamethat’s worth checking out, just for the visuals alone.It’s technically a narrative FPS,or more technically, a walking simulator,if you want to call it that.So there’s not a lot going on here, gameplay-wise,but it’s a great example of how farfree games have really evolved lately.There’s some really good stuff herethat just gets released for free,and it’s pretty nice to see.”Cloud Climber” looks cool,it has some nice atmosphere and exploration,and is worth a bit of your free time.


Next, over at number 24, “Undefeated.”This is the only game that has come closeto capturing the feelingof playing Superman in a video game.You may have seen YouTube videos about this floating around,and it’s legit.It’s worth playing.It is basically a tech demo,and it’s definitely gonna leave you wanting more,but if you’re just a fan of video gamesand video game mechanicsand appreciate some experimentation,checking this out here, it is really impressive,from a technical level and in terms of the game.This one’s been out there for a few years at this point.It might not surprise all of you,but if you are looking for something to mess around with,it’s definitely worth it.

Path of Exile

Now, at number 23, of course,we can’t mention great free gameswithout at least bringing up “Path of Exile.”It requires an account setup and an online connection,but really, this is a game that you can play by yourselffor the entire duration.It’s basically a modern “Diablo II”with a seriously in-depth skill treethat requires a mathematics degreeto really, truly, deeply understand.It’s been going strong for a few years now,so it’s got tons of content at this point.You just jump in, and you get a lot.So if you like dark fantasy action-RPGs,it’s really a no-brainer.We played through the entire campaignand never felt compelled to spend a dime on this game.So even though there are technically microtransactions,they’re easy enough to ignore.

Delta Rune

Now, over at number 22,we’re gonna talk “Delta Rune,” Chapters 1 and 2,’cause I mean, technically,this is more like a demo than a full game,but at least right now,the final version of “Delta Rune” is still a ways off.This semi-sequel/side storyto the critically acclaimed “Undertale”now has two full chapters available to play for freethat have been slowly rolling out, and really,they’re worth checking out if you like your RPGs quirky,or more importantly,if you were a big, huge fan of “Undertale.”The most surprising thingis the amount of content you’re getting for free.Just these two chapters are technically longerthan a single playthrough of the original “Undertale,”so what’s here is pretty substantial.Now, the next three chaptersare apparently gonna cost actual money,but Chapters 1 and 2 are gonna stay free,and they’re definitely enjoyable and worth checking out.

Path of Exile

Now, over at number 21, along with “Path of Exile,””Genshin Impact” is probably the most feature-complete gameyou’re gonna see on this list.It’s like a mashup of “Breath of the Wild” and a JRPGthat includes some gacha video game elements.Now, you probably know what we mean here.You spend money to get random rolls on playable characters.It’s one of the few games herethat we’re willing to mention it,despite it’s free-to-play elements,just because the core gameplay and the whole experienceis just that good.It’s loved by lots of people.Some people will debate that, but hey, the game itself,the core game, is fun and addictive.It’s a huge one, with tons of content,and it’s constantly updating,so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.Now, this game might be slightly more free-to-playthan it is free, but it’s a really popular game,and the general consensus is that the real cash stuffis somewhat unobtrusive, and the gameplay strong enoughthat we wanted to highlight it.

Dr. Langeskov

Now, next over at number 20,let’s talk, “Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger,and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist.”Yes, that’s actually what this game is called.It’s another short one, but it’s a good one,especially for PC players.It’s been received very highly on Steam for many years now.It was partially created by the guywho made “The Stanley Parable,” which is awesome.So the premise of this gameis that you play as a master thiefin some kind of adventure game,but things really quickly go off the railsand get a little bit more experimental.So if you have played or seen “The Stanley Parable,”then you probably know what to expect,but if you haven’t, then just buckle up.Go in completely blind ’cause it’s worth experiencing.


Next, over at number 19, “Helltaker.”This is a really popular one, so much that it’s reviewedat Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam,which is like the legendary status.It’s basically a part puzzle/part adventure game,kinda sorta dating sim?It’s totally unique,and while the actual gameplay is simple,the artwork is really charming.The presentation here is just all around top-notch,and while the actual puzzle gameplay is pretty basicand standard, it’s just fun to see what charactersyou’ll run into next.It’s really different and really cool.

Cry of Fear

And next, at number 18, “Cry of Fear.”Originally a mod for “Half-Life,”you can now play this horror game for freeas a standalone release on Steam.It even comes with a bunch of bonus campaigns and stuffalong with the base game, so there is a lot of content here.When it first came out,this was one of the most ambitious horror mods out there,and in a lot of ways, it’s still holds up,as long as you’re okaywith some old-school shooter controls.Just be aware,this one can actually be really creepy when it wants to be.It’s really good to play with the lights off.


And now, at 17, “Zero-K.”Here’s something a little different.This is a free RTS game.Rather than following the moldof games like “Warcraft” and “StarCraft” like most RTSs,this game models itself after stufflike “Total Annihilation” and “Supreme Commander.”Rather than focusing on a small group of unitswith special abilities,this game is all about cranking out gigantic armiesand smashing them into each other.Now, graphically,you can probably tell it’s not that impressive,but there’s a lot of content here,with a full basic campaign,a skirmish mode with tons of maps, and multiplayer, as well.And it’s all free, too,without even a hint of microtransactions.So if you’re into these kinds of games,it’s well worth checking out.


Now, next over number 16, here we go.Let’s talk a Chef Boyardee’s”Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden.”There are a metric ton of free RPG Maker games out there,and a surprising amount of good ones at that,but nothing can beat this and just this brilliant satire.It’s a JRPG-style adventure,where you play as famous basketball playerCharles Barkley in a post-apocalyptic Earth.He’s got a son named Hoopz.Michael Jordan is the bad guy.There’s a Cyber Dwarf in there.The whole thing is completely ridiculous.But what’s surprising about it is that it’s a funand well-paced RPG on top of just being a big, dumb joke.It’s actually funny and fun to play, and that’s important,and that’s rare to find with most paid games,let alone a weird free download.


And at number 15, Shrine II.A “Doom” total conversion that you can download for freeoff Steam, this game combines like the blocky 3D visualsof “Doom” with an NES gameto surprisingly decent-looking results.Like “Doom.,” the actual gameplay is fast and intense here,but the game has this weirdo vibe to itthat makes it totally unique.It’s pretty lengthy, it’s fun to play,and it’s really easy to check out.No messing around with ZDoom required.So if you’re into old-school shooters, check this one out.It’s easy to jump into.


Next, over at number 14, “Himno,”a very strange little platformer where you can’t die at all. This game is designed for chilling out, really. The eerie visuals, combined with its pretty low-fi soundtrack, just somehow manage to work, and even though there’s no danger anywhere to be found here, there’s something compelling about exploring this wild, weird, procedurally generated little world This is basically a demo for a more feature-complete game hat will come out later, but what’s here is pretty cool. Don’t go into this one looking for a challenge. Just like play it and hang out if you want to mellow out.

Maldita Castilla

Next, over at number 13,on the opposite end of the spectrum, “Maldita  Castilla.”This is a really tough game. Basically a spiritual successor to “Ghosts & Goblins, “this “Matilda Castilla” came out on most major platforms with some new bells and whistles as “Cursed Castle, “but you can still play this original version for free, and it’s mostly the same. If you know “Ghosts & Goblins,” you know what to expect. It’s a brutal platforming experience. This game can be pretty tough, but in a lot of ways ,it’s more forgiving than the games that even inspired it, so with some perseverance, anyone can finish it. It’s not a demo. It’s not just a port of the game .It’s the full experience, and it’s entirely free, which is sweet.

No One Lives Forever

Next, over at number 12, “No One Lives Forever” 1 and 2.Yeah, we’re gonna talk about this.These games were created by Monolith,the guys who went on to make “F.E.A.R.”and “The Shadow of Mordor” games,but the “No One Lives Forever” gameswere really ahead of their time in a lot of ways.These games were funnyin a way that most games today aren’t, even,and they’re, for the most part, still a lot of fun to play, and you can get them totally free from some fanswho took the time to get itso that they work on modern systems. Now, the revival website has been up for a few yearsat this point,so it’s probably safe to say that no one caresthat someone is giving these games away for free. They’re some of the best FPS games of all time,and they’re super creative, and now you can play them.

A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers

Next, over at number 11,”If On A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers.”This is a very spooky visual novel adventure gamewith some absolutely beautiful pixel art.I mean, look at this,if you’re into this kind of spooky stuff.This game is split into four stories,each one having strange Lovecraftian themes to them.This is one of those gamesthat’s better to experience yourself.So if you’re into story games with cosmic horror themes,then this one is worth playing.We’re not gonna say much more than that.We don’t want to spoil anything.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Now, over at number 10, “Doki Doki Literature Club.”Stop us if you’ve heard about this one,but you know, some of these gamesdon’t always leave much of an impression,but thankfully, “Doki Doki” really does.The horror game disguised as an anime-as-hell dating sim.It’s just another one of those gamesthat goes to some pretty dark and surprising places.It’s not necessarily the scariest thing out there,but the way it plays with the visual novel formatis really interesting,and if you’re willing to get past the visuals,then there’s some pretty interesting stuff to see here.There’s a lot going on,and there’s a reason people have been talking about this onefor years.

Spacrae Funel

Now, over at number9, “Spacrae Funel,”the original weird-as-hell RPGbefore stuff like “Undertale” and “Lisa: A Painful RPG.”This one is about as disorienting and strangeas a game can get while still managing to be an RPG.It’s frustrating, it’s confusing,and it’s surprisingly tough,but if you’re into games that are designedto really challenge you, both in the storyand in the gameplay and game design,then this is a game worth checking out, and it’s free.


Next, at number 8, “Loria.”Here’s a game that you used to have to pay for, but the developer made it totally free on steam and on GoG. Now, it’s pretty much just “Warcraft II” with the serial numbers filed off, but it makes up for the lack of originality with some pretty solid game design. It’s not too flashy, but the campaign is well-paced and it has some more going on than you’d think, and the actual RTS game play is well done .It’s not the most surprising game in the world, but it’s got good fundamentals for an RTS game, and it’s all-around well-made, you know, on top of being free.

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Now, over at number7 ,let’s talk “Sonic Robo Blast 2,”’cause some insane person decided to make a Sonic game in the Doom engine, which is crazy enough, but the most shocking thing about it is that it’s actually , it’s really good. You don’t need “Doom” or anything else to play this game. Just download it off the website, and you’re good to go. It’s Sonic in 3Dand one of the best translations of the classic games to the 3D space out there. It’s definitely better than a lot of the official games, at least. Yeah, we’re talking about you, “Sonic ’06,” okay? But the controls take some getting used to ,but besides that, the whole thing is just all around creative and fun and well-made. How they managed to get Sonic movement to work at all in the Doom engine we have no idea, but it’s somehow all works. Now, of course,


at number 6 ,”Spelunky” 1 and 2 still cost real cash to play, but if you want some rogue like action on a budget, then the original version of “Spelunky” called Classic can still be downloaded. It’s basically the same as the HD version, just missing some of the bells and whistles the paid version got, but it’s still perfectly playable. The reason why these games are so beloved can still just be found in this Classic version. That slightly out-of-control energy, where everything seems to affect something else, it makes the game tough as hell to actually beat, but it’s fun to see what ridiculous thing happens to kill you the next time. It’s not an easy game, but you can spend a lot of hours on this one if you want.


Coming down to number 5 ,there’s a surprisingly decent collection of beat-’em-up remakes out there that you can get for free,but this one, modeled after the TMNT NES games, is one of the best. It’s packed with content, it has tons of playable characters, and it’s just all around a blast to play, either by yourself or with a co-op partner. Now, most of these types of games have often been taken down, but for whatever reason,” TMNT Rescuepalooza” here is still standing .If you’re at TMNT fan or love games like “Turtles in Time” or “Streets of Rage 4” more recently, this can be a lot of fun.


Now, down to number 4, “La-Mulana,”one of the biggest, most mysterious,  and best freeware games out there. The easiest way to describe thisis that it’s like a “Metroid” gamewith an Indiana Jones theme and MSX graphics. Now, by today’s standards, that can be pretty crude to play for some people,but if you like a good challenge and some very difficult puzzles, there’s a lot of game here to get into.This game was remade from the ground upand sold for real cash,but the original version can still be found online.It’s pretty intimidating to get into at firstbecause it basically explains nothingabout how you actually play it,but it’s one of the most unusual and unique games out there,on top of just having a lot of bossesand cool areas to explore.This one is preserved in gaming history,and we think you should check it out.

Doom 3

Now, down to number 3, speaking of gaming history,let’s talk about “The Dark Mod.”Now, don’t let the name fool you.This game started out as a mod for “Doom 3,”but now it’s a totally standalone gamethat you can easily get off the developer’s website.It was inspired by “Thief: The Dark Project,”and it’s a medieval-fantasy stealth gamewhere you break into places and rob them blind,pretty much like the Thief games. The base download comes with a ton of mapsin varying quality, but the best maps for this gamecan rival some of the best levels in any stealth game of this style. If you’re into games like “Dishonored,” or more recently, even “Deathloop,” some of those elements, then “The Dark Mod” is worth checking outif you’re looking for more stealth action. Now, down to number two, we’re gonna mention another “Metroid II” remake,AKA “AM2R.”

Metroid II

Now, this 1 is a bit of a cheat because this game was taken down by Nintendo, but it’s not hard to find online with a simple Google search. Another “Metroid II” remake, called that because there were multiple fan “Metroid II” remakes being worked on in the past ,is legitimately one of the best Metroid games ever made .Even though it’s basically just a fan game rather than a real release, it’s a really well-made and designed Metroid action game that feels totally complete. Hell, some people actually prefer this game to the official Nintendo “Metroid II” remake .That’s how good it is. And it exists thanks to the internet. Now, we’ve made it to the end at number one with “Cave Story. “Now, we had to include the GOAT of all freeware games on this list.” Cave’ Story” has come out pretty much on every system under the sun now, but if you look for it, you can still get the original version of the game for free online, and if you haven’t played it and you like side scrolling action games, then you really should.

There’s no one thing that makes this game great. It’s a lot of things. It’s the story, combined with the fluid game playand the charming artwork. It’s why people love it. It’s just all around really solid, and back when it came out, the very idea of an indie game was still mostly unknown to people. So even though this game is pretty old at this point, it’s still a lot of fun to play. But there you have it.

Those are 25 fun, free single-player games, most of them totally legit, all of them really awesome and fun, and there’s something for everybody here. So we want to hear from you guys in the comments, what free single player games you’re playing .There are tons of examples out there, and we’d love for you to let us know, and also, of course, share with other people watching. But if you enjoyed this video, maybe we helped you out, click the Like button. That really helps us out. That’s all we need, and we appreciate it. And if you’re new, consider subscribing and maybe hitting that notification bell, because we’ve put out videos every single day. But as always, thanks for watching ,and we’ll see you guys next time.

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