Review of the gaming headset Acer AHW120 – all attention to the sound

by NxtVeeru, Friday, 17 June 2022 (3 weeks ago)

There is a mid-price segment, which includes gaming headsets from both the most popular brands and less popular peripheral manufacturers. Everyone fights for attention in their own way: someone makes super-bright designs, someone puts on the convenience or versatility of headphones, and someone just needs a brand to give the buyer confidence. We will study the Acer AHW120 – a low-key and affordable solution with an emphasis on the most important – the quality of the sound itself.

Acer has been one of the most sought-after brands in the hardware market for years. Mostly – thanks to desktop PCs and advanced, including gaming laptops. But Acer also has several lines of peripherals that are quite affordable and reliable for office and home use.

We take a look at the Acer AHW120 gaming headset, which features discreet backlighting, impressive drivers with 7.1 virtual surround sound support, a detachable microphone and an adaptive headband.


  • drivers: 50mm;
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz;
  • Impedance: 32 Om;
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB;
  • Microphone: removable, omnidirectional;
  • Microphone frequency range: 100Hz – 10kHz;
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42dB;
  • Wire length: 2.1 meters;
  • quirk: support for virtual sound 7.1;
  • Connection type: USB;
  • The weight: 335

Equipment and design

Headphones are sold in a large box, decorated in blue and blue. The front is printed with a print illustrating the headset design, on the back – a description of the specifications, packaging and device compatibility.

The wire of the Acer AHW120 is quite stiff and not twisted, braided with fabric to protect it from damage and very long – more than two meters. About forty centimeters from the cup, a controller with a very dubious design is attached to the wire.

Despite the fact that the remote control does not in principle hinder the user and is located at a considerable distance, it is unreasonably large. On the body of the remote are buttons (namely buttons) for volume control, buttons for quick mute and microphone mute, and a separate switch for turning on the backlight.

The Acer AHW120 headband is encased in synthetic leather, under which a decent layer of filler has been rammed – it is very soft and evenly distributed over the entire length of the headband, allowing the headset to adapt perfectly to the shape of the user’s head.

The cups have steel handles, painted in matte black, which reach under the headband with extensions. The wires coming out of the cups are gently covered with the same protective wire as the main wire, but stick out rather precariously at the maximum increase in size.

The ear cushions of the Acer AHW120 are also made of eco-leather, well padded with soft material on the inside and stitched on the outside with high quality. On a hot day they are a little warm on the ears but very comfortable. Like it or not, the fit of the Acer headset was excellent. In addition, it is not too heavy – about 300 grams.

The cups are decorated on the outside with a shiny metal mesh, including LEDs. We have already seen such a solution – the grid creates the illusion of volume, which makes the backlighting presentable. On the other hand, when the lights are off, the headphones look very mundane and the Acer logo is almost invisible.

Next to the wire on the left earcup is a 3.5mm interface for connecting a detachable omnidirectional microphone. It is very neat, on a flexible rod that perfectly fixes the intercom in the desired position for the user.

In summary, the Acer AHW120 externally gives the impression of a mid-budget headset, which it is: some solutions seem questionable, others have been tried on hundreds of similar devices. The headphones are comfortable, do not put pressure on the head and isolate the user very well from external stimuli.

Features and impressions

The Acer AHW120 cups feature 50mm drivers with an integrated sound chip, balanced to give gamers amazing sound positioning. The quality of frequency labels is especially noticeable in games with an open world full of noise.

In games like Escape From Tarkov or the recently reimagined The Cycle, where audio performance plays an almost critical role in the survival of the character (and the preservation of his equipment), the Acer AHW120 will greatly increase the player’s benefits.

The same can be said about session shooters, where you have to “apply by ear” to anticipate the enemy’s appearance. The Acer AHW120 correctly reproduces the range, direction and nature of sound sources, and when 7.1 is connected, this effect is doubled.

Acer AHW120 is also friendly with music, although not as great as with games. The headset has voluminous and assertive bass and a well-projected stage, but the mids and trebles stay together a bit – you have to manually separate them in the players’ equalizers.

The microphone picks up the voice clearly and transmits loudly, but not all external noise is extinguished. So my interlocutor did not hear the loud neighbor’s “circular”, which he performed on the balcony the second day, but he caught the clicks of not the loudest keyboard switches.

The backlight of the Acer AHW120 is nice, but not adjustable. When turned on, a circle of diodes along the top edge of the grid and Acer logos in the center of the cups light up, then the lights shimmer in a soft wave across the main spectrum of colors. In my opinion it looks very elegant.


Despite a healthy controller and quiet backlight, the Acer AHW120 makes a positive impression. It is noticeable that the device is composed of wear-resistant, albeit cheap materials, and that all vulnerabilities (with the exception of protruding cupwires) are well protected.

At a very nice price (about 2000 rubles at the time of writing this review), Acer AHW120 gives you sound with excellent positioning in games and good support for virtual 7.1 effect, and at the same time – a convenient design for long sessions and a microphone which can be removed as unnecessary in a desk drawer.

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Excellent audio positioning in games

7.1 virtual surround sound support

Good and detachable microphone

Comfortable fit on the head


Oversized headset control

Vulnerable connecting wires

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