Review of the gaming chair HIPER HGS-109 – feel like a racing car driver

by NxtVeeru, Tuesday, 7 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

This model is inexpensive and is sold on the official website for 12,599 rubles. For this money, users are waiting for a chair with an anatomical backrest and an attractive design. Below we find out if it justifies the cost or if it makes sense to look at something more expensive.


  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Back angle: no
  • gas lift: 3rd degree
  • Armrests: unregulated
  • Rotation: 360˚
  • Upholstery Material: eco leather
  • Colour: black, red, white
  • roll: 50mm
  • quirks: rocking mechanism, neck cushion, soft armrests, anatomical backrest

Equipment and design

The HIPER HGS-109 armchair is packed in a large, simple cardboard box with the brand and model name. Inside it is disassembled, everything is neatly laid out so that it will not suffer during transport.


The kit consists of a backrest, a seat, armrests, a gas spring and a housing for it, a rocking mechanism, a five-beam base with wheels, a neck pillow, screws, plugs, an Allen key and a minimalist instruction explaining only in photos what and how to assemble.


In terms of design, the HIPER HGS-109 is a well-known chair without any special frills, but that doesn’t make it boring. The combination of black, red and white stripes looks bright and bold, reminiscent of racing cars.


The model is covered with eco-leather, which looks stylish and expensive, but also tactilely pleasant. It is believed that this material is very hot, but in conditions of 30 degrees of heat there is no discomfort outside the window, and this takes into account the fact that I spend most of the time in front of a PC, that is, in a armchair.


The dimensions of the seat (width * depth * height) are according to my measurements 50 * 52 * 6 cm. Inside is a medium-hard filler. The distance from the floor to the seat is adjustable from 38 to 43 cm.


The back of the chair is not adjustable. It has an anatomical shape, which consists of a slight lateral support and backward deviation, about 30 degrees. Its dimensions (width * height) are 54 * 78 cm. A neck pillow with an elastic band is provided in front of the headrest. It is easy to put on when needed or take off when not needed.


The armrests of the model are made of plastic, but very strong. The upper part has soft overlays, which taper towards the back. At the widest point – 8 cm. They are unregulated and serve to fix the backrest to the seat.


The swivel mechanism in my case was immediately attached to the gas spring, everything here is standard, without special features. Permissible weight – 130 kg.


The base of the chair is five-beam, made of plastic, but I have no doubts about its reliability. It not only looks strong, but also in sensations.


The wheels of the HIPER HGS-109 are made of plastic, there are 5. Protection is not provided, but after two weeks of use, no defects have appeared on the floor. The wheels are not fixed, but the chair does not roll by itself, so this fact did not cause any inconvenience.

Overall, I liked the HIPER HGS-109 chair in terms of design and assembly. It’s nice and bright, though not flashy, I didn’t notice any flaws or imperfections in the design and assembly.


At the same time, there are still some shortcomings: somewhere the thread sticks out, somewhere black paint is smeared on red. Does this bother me? Absolutely not. First, I noticed these nuances during assembly, but in the finished form they do not stand out. Second, you need to sit in the chair and not think about it. Thirdly, this is one of the cheapest gaming solutions on the market, which means that not everything can be perfect, otherwise another question would arise: what did you save money on and where is the catch?

Assembly and Adjustment

It took me about 15 minutes to assemble the chair. At the same time, I hadn’t been able to assemble computer chairs before, I didn’t use the instructions in the process, because everything was clear and all.


In general, the HIPER HGS-109 chair is assembled as simply as possible: the wheels are inserted into the base, the gas lift into the rocking mechanism (in my case, these elements were mounted), then the latter to the seat with four screws. Then we place it in the base and fix the back and seat through the armrests. It remains only to close the screws with plugs so that they do not spoil the appearance.

I screwed the armrests to the backrest first, after which I mounted everything on the seat. Perhaps it would be easier to do the opposite: armrests to the seat, and then to the whole structure of the backrest. In any case, it is more than realistic to handle the mounting alone. It takes a minimum of time.


Actually, the chair doesn’t have that many adjustments: the height from the floor to the seat changes from 38 to 43 cm, the seat can rotate 360 ​​degrees and there is also a rocking mechanism.

To adjust the resistance force, a cylindrical handle with a spring under the seat is used. Still, turning the chair into a rocking chair won’t work; it feels like the deviation from the starting position is 15-20 degrees. However, watching a movie or reading, lounging in an armchair and stretching your legs is very real.

Feelings of use

I spent two weeks with the HIPER HGS-109 chair. My height is 174 cm and I am quite thin. During this time I came to the conclusion that the dimensions are ideal for me.


I sit perfectly in the chair. At the same time, about 10 cm remains on the sides, that is, a person can sit taller. The depth of the seat allows for a distance from the edge to the knee crease that is approximately equal to the width of my hand, which, as far as I know, is the recommended value when choosing a chair. The rigidity of the chair is enough not to drown in it, but also not to feel tired if you sit in it for a long time.


The back has anatomical firmness, ie it offers some back support. The angle of inclination is optimal in my opinion: on the one hand you do not sit, stretched out in attention, and on the other hand you do not deviate too much to relax too much. At the same time, the swivel mechanism allows you to fix it when the work is over and you can afford to rest. The backrest is high enough to lean on your entire back and rest your head on the headrest.


The pillow in my case is clearly under the neck. However, by fastening with an elastic band you can raise or lower it slightly if necessary.

The armrests are long enough to fit completely in their hands and the soft cushion allows them to lie comfortably.

Rotating the chair is quite easy, but no effort is required to keep yourself in a horizontal position. Similarly, the chair does not roll by itself, although it has no locks on the wheels.



Armchair HIPER HGS-109 on the official website costs 12,599 rubles. It pleases with easy mounting, good build quality (nothing wobbles or creaks), ergonomics (at least, taking into account my parameters) and attracts with a design that is not too pretentious, but also not boring.

I also like the upholstery. It doesn’t look cheap and eco-leather is practical. If you spill something on the seat, the liquid will not be absorbed and can be easily wiped away. In addition, unlike other materials, eco-leather does not absorb all the dust.

You may find flaws in wires sticking out in places or minor color variations, but this isn’t obvious when the seat is assembled. Someone will say that the armrests, back or seat are not adjustable on the model, but this is not mentioned, and therefore, if you need such options, just consider other options.

HIPER HGS-109 is my first gaming chair. I really like it. With him I became less tired at work, and in general it is pleasant to spend time in it. Given the low cost, I see no serious reason not to buy it. The only exceptions are situations where you initially need some more advanced or specific models. However, it is worth remembering that everyone’s preferences are different, and therefore, before buying, if possible, it is worth getting to know the chosen chair live and sitting in it at least a little.

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Affordable price

Quality materials

Interesting appearance

Easy assembly

Design Reliability


There are minor flaws in the finish (uneven paint, protruding threads)

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