Most Secure VPN 2022 / NordVPN Vs Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN Vs PIA

NxtVeeru, Saturday, January 29, 2022
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so what can one of the most secure vpns really do to effectively protect you well this is the question we’ll answer in today’s vpn comparison hey i’m mike from and today i’m going to dive into the security features of the top vpns solet’s do a nordvpn versus expressvpn versus a surf shark versus a pia comparison .  it’s a lot to hand le .

Encryption and protocols

Now the cornerstone of vpn security is encryption with encryption nobody will be able to decipher the information yousend even if they get their hands on itso as of now vpn safety often relies onthe same encryption tech you know that aes 256-bit encryption stuff which heyis a great option i mean it is the golden standard of security after allhow ever when using the lightweight protocol expressvpn uses its cha-cha 20cipher as does surf shark and pia does it with wire guard and nordvpn does it with nord links the main difference hereis that cha-cha 20 works better with lowper formance mobile devices and it’s essentially more secure and future proof now the thing about these protocols isthat they’re closely connected to encryption with each protocol often supporting a specific cipher with bothnordvpn and pmvpn security there’scha-cha-20 encryption and with north links and wire guard respectively and this is the primary cipher for thene west expressvpn and surfshark protocolas well and of course all of these allow you to use the older generation openvpn protocol which supports the same aes 256encryption but it generally providess lower connection speeds.

Kill switch feature

Another old feature  that is now a staple of every vpn is the kill switch it allows you to preserve your anonymity even when your vpn connection breaks it does it by killing your internet connection as well good security vpns don’t have a lot of differences here either their implementation is more or less the same aside from some minornuances expressvpn’s kill switch canalso be configured to block land traffic surf shark security is a bit wonky withits kill switch it doesn’t notify userswhy the connection suddenly broke which is quite a demerit for new users nordvpn is probably one of my favorite implementations of a kill switch especially considering it’s system wide and i don’t see a lot of provider simplementing this on their ios apps as much as i’d like and ps kill switch is just normal it works fine i’ve checked but there’s not much more to say about it now i’ve just started my review but just so you know we do have special offers for the most secure vpns right down inthe description alright let’s continue.

Split tunneling and AD blocking

split tunneling it’s really a quality oflife feature see basically you can choose which domain needs a vpnconnection and encryption and which arefine without itexpressvpn has this feature on allplat forms unlike nordvpn or surfsharkand pia’s option well doesn’t work withall apps so seeing as this isn’t amust-have security feature it really just comes down to convenience this isn’t really a deal breaker for me but you can use the split tunneling for thedomains for your online payment pages orfor extra security and some vpns offerad blocking services which not only getrid of those pesky advertisements butthey also provide additional security by blocking links that might have some sortof malware or spyware behind it so overon nordvpn this feature is called cybersec and it blocks ads together withwebsites associated with scams malwareand tracking pia’s version of thisfeature is called pmace and it works pretty much the same way surf shock hasclean web and yep it also blocks ads andlinks with malicious content and thosethree are all very close in terms of performance now from my perspective expressvpn can’t really compare in thisregard it’s lacking some functionalityal together and that’s a shame seeing asi really like that vpns are starting toimplement indirect malware protections and advanced security practices but what it does claim to have is stealth servers.


Obfuscation is important if you need todeal with restrictions whether they belocal or global it also adds up to anonymity if you’re feeling a little paranoid expressvpn’s claim however is debatableat best none of their servers areactually marked as the stealth ones but on the other hand surf shark does havean easily identifiable camouflage modeit’s quite easy to turn on nordvpn’sobfuscated servers as well and i really like that you don’t have to search allover the settings to find out how toturn on the obfuscation pia also offerssome amount of obfuscation now another nice security feature is dark web monitoring this one will search for any data associated with your email address and notify you if it was found on the dark web now currently nordvpn and surfshark vpn security go hand in hand with such a feature and surfshark even has as eparate app just for that pia andexpressvpn unfortunately lack analter native placing surfshark and nord alittle higher in terms of advanced security features well at least in my opinion. 

Onion over VPN

Dark web scanning isn’t the only department where nord excels the onion over vpn feature a unique opportunity toemploy onion routing and make your connection even safer and yeah even slower but i don’t always mind sacrificing some speed for supreme protection you know what i mean now multih op is an alternative it’s actuallya way to connect two vpn servers in arow which also secures your connection nordvpn and surfshark have it so taking a look at each security feature thesevpns provide well certainly helps usunder stand why nordvpn is held in suchhigh regardsurf shark is sharing almost everysecurity feature with nordvpn as well while pn expressvpn are slightly lessreliable in that regard although expressvpn security clearly has all the necessary basics it lacks additionalsecurity measures pia does have someextra features but not as many now it might seem that vpn privacy and security boils down to features but don’t lethyped claims trick you herethere are other factors playing an important role in protecting you.

Server infrastructure

infrastructure of the actual vpn serversis one of them see until recently all vpns used hard drive servers which arecapable of recording large amounts ofdata for prolonged periods of time now this posed a security concern after allif data is stored well someone mighthave the opportunity to take it that’s why expressvpn switched to ram onlyservers that wipe themselves after everyrestart leaving no user data to beaccessed by any third party nordvpn and surfshark followed shortly after thatpia being the last vpn of the four tojoin the initiative personally i findthe existence of ram servers as a great sign that vpn providers are not afraidto spend a little money on physicallyraising the bar for their user base.

No-logs and privacy policy

Though it doesn’t really matter if theyspend money or not if their goodintentions don’t even get past theprivacy policysee most popular vpns promise to keep nologs or have no minimal logging at most.

VPN reputation 

Nordvpn for one is very transparent withwhat data they do have on you and whatthey intend to do with it which isnothing muchkeeping only your email address whichthey use for notifications and noprivate data of yours is used by them atallnordvpn also cares about their ownsecurity by not only participating in alot of independent testing but alsoestablishing a bug bounty programsurfshark’s dedication is similar theyalso do independent testing to prove thelegitimacy of their service and i’mpersonally a pretty big fan of how clearand transparent their privacy policy iswhile there’s nothing inherently wrongwith expressvpn and ps privacy policythe vpns themselves haven’t added manyextras over the years and not reallybacking up their privacy claims welleven if the privacy policy is lackingusually you can see if the company istrustworthy by looking at the vpn’sreputation and if nordvpn’s worstmistake was a quickly fixed hack from asingle server from a couple years agowell then pia and expressvpn are now inthe midst of their own controversiessee both of those vpns belong to cape acompany previously involved in spreadingmalware and adware expressvpn is theirlatest acquisition with pia andcyberghost having been under their wingfor a little while now and despite capeswearing off their shady past and wellnothing bad happening with their vpns alot of people find it difficult to trusta company like thatit doesn’t help that cape and byproxypiafalls under the jurisdiction of the useitheryeah the us one of the five eyesintelligence sharing alliance countrieswell at least expressvpn stays on thebritish virgin islands where they still have privacy friendly laws in comparisonsurf shark and nordvpn jurisdiction usedto be equally good but surf shark hasactually moved to the netherlands and this is a 14 ice countryit’s not a big deal since thenetherlands still has pretty friendlyprivacy laws and nordvpn remains withthe panama jurisdiction completelyunaffected by any intelligence sharingalliancesso to summarize pia and expressvpn aremostly hampered by the bad reputation oftheir parent company their privacy measures are not exceptionable but  quite reliable at the same time nordvpn and surf shark are better in this regard not only going the extra mile to ensureno data is kept but also keeping an almost spotless reputation in theprocess and to be honest we want to keep our reputation just as clean so if you want to help us provide high quality content then please leave a like andsubscribe it helps a whole lot more thanyou know


All right let’s conclude this thingn out of all of the choices nordvpn is the  safest one it has plenty of security features and is reliable in terms of privacy and infrastructure surfshark is almost on the same level slightly missing on some features but overall just as private pia and expressvpn are both decent options they clearly havethe features and infrastructure necessary to keep you safe as long as you’re willing to overlook the shady past of their parent company look having a vpn is important for your cyber security and if you want to get one of the top vpns and save yourself some money at the same time well i’ve got some special offers down in the description below alright but i want to know what you think makes a vpn safe and are you actually willing to ignore the old mistakes of companies like cape let us know your thoughts down in the description okay all right i’ll see you guys soon with another video till then




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