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NxtVeeru, Sunday, January 23, 2022
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those nordvpn advertisements sure paint a picture of a perfect service but look we all know that the market is full of worthy competitors so is nordvpn worth it a valid question i’m mike and this is our nordvpn review i’ll review key features and let you know if other well-known vpns are similar or not and if nordvpn has even more to offer so let’s begin with something that nordvpn didn’t actually come up with first ram only servers an innovation first implemented by expressvpn but nordvpn was quick to follow and it makes total sense those types of servers are incapable of retaining the data that passes through them once reset data is all gone since nordvpn implemented those servers well they become quite popular with many other vpns jumping on the bandwagon you know like surf shark and pia and this is one of the reasons i say yes to the is nordvpn safe question.

Performance Compared

Now another point often brought up bytheir own advertisements is nordvpn’s performance but it’s not a unique point not by a long shot nordvpn express andsurf shark well they’re all close competitors in terms of performance with nord links lightweight and wireguardrespectively well they’re all topcontenders in terms of speed how everwhen testing nordvpn i’ve got to admiti’ve never experienced a single vpn withspeed drops so insignificant across allservers my nordvpn speed test showed great results even when i used distanceservers my speeds have not gone lowerthan 75 percent of the baseline valueand this speed is not just enough tofulfill my craving for new streamingcontent oh no it’s also more than enoughfor fast p2p file transfers nordvpnprovides consistent speeds on all theirservers but it’s not the only one whodoes that you still get very goodperformance with most top providers norjust as well a little more consistentand if you’re looking for the best dealwell you can get a nordvpn coupon codeby just clicking on the link in thedescription it’s that simpleokay so this speed thing i justmentioned is not limited to nord linksnot entirely with the openvpn protocolthe speeds are also quite good but don’texpect this performance to remain on specialty servers in my experiencedouble vpn servers and onion over vpnservers cut the speed quite a bit butthey do provide a significant security boost it’s fair payoff honestly maybe double vpn is familiar to you i’ve seenthis feature before with providers like surf shark and it basically allows youto chain multiple servers together onion over vpn however is nordvpn’s unique feature allowing users to use a vpn with onion routing unparalleled security butat very low speeds while nordvpn alsooffers obfuscated servers and torrenting specific servers those are not thatunique in the slightest private vpn andsurf shark have obfuscation tech built right in now a feature that blocks ads and malicious websites would be a little more uncommon in the vpn world while surf shark and pia already have features like that nordvpn’s take on this is actually my favorite it’s called cyber sec and it’s actually been very effective for me i have it on permanently when i browse it’s so slick i almost forgot that thoseyoutube ads even existand yes if you’re about to visit aweb site known to host malware or suspicious links well cyber sec will block your access to the website and notify you of possible online threats okay now you might have noticed that most advanced features are unique to nordvpn and maybe one or two other vpn providers like a dark web monitor a feature found with nordvpn and surfshark okay so nordvpn is good at finding out if your data was leaked on the dark web well i’ve tested the feature with some email accounts that i knew were compromised and i definitely got proof that they were.


not every feature has to be about security or performance though some of them like presets are just there to make online life a little easier honestly the whole idea of presets didn’t sound too exciting to me at first i mean sure they can save certain websites domains apps and then launch them when you start your vpn i mean it’s not rocket science right well that was until i fiddled a round with the settings realizing that having my torrenting app or browser turned on automatically as i connect to the specified server is actually really cool.

Is NordVPN Safe ? 

Now is nordvpn safe well with their encryption . it’s a solid yes you got aes256-bit encryption or cha-sha-20 for newer protocols like nord link sall that guarantees the security but pretty much every vpn uses this encryption now as well i consider a kill switch to be pretty much a requirement these days should come standard so yeah i expect a vpn to have it that way if my connection breaks for some reason my i won’t get leaked nordvpn’s kill switch is as effective at its job as it could beokay you ever hear of ioxt certification well an ioxt certificate of security is only awarded to apps with out standing security standards guess what nordvpn is amongst the few industry leaders to receive this certification i can’t help but take that as anultimate acknowledgement of this service dedication to security hats off but let’s get real there are some vpn users out there that don’t really care that much about security or privacy or even features .

Streaming capabilities

What they care about isthisor thisor thatyep accessing geo block streamingcontent is a major part of why vpns areso popular right now does nordvpn work well with netflix well let me put itthis way nordvpn for netflix is kindalike butter on breadusing nordvpn for a few years now i’ve never had any issues accessing netflixbbc iplayer or other mainstreamstreaming services i even got my firestick device hooked up to nordvpn the smart dns feature makes it really easyto run nordvpn on most smart tvs or even some consoles .

Bypassing restrictions

And that bypasses censorship andrestrictions which could be essential topeople living in those very restrictedcountries or better yet even forstudents or office workers who can’taccess certain content in theirenvironments nordvpn’s obfuscatedservers will help you bypass thoserestrictionsokay that’s a lot of stuff we just wentover didn’t we okay it’s natural to be abit overwhelmed it often takes some timeto process all the nuances and new infofortunately with nordvpn i could always Eask their customers support and receivea fast and accurate response and their24 7 live chat is not to beunderestimated not to say that nordvpn is the only onewith such effective customer support imean 24 7 live chat is a staple in most effective vpn services right now right

Summary: Is NordVPN Worth it

All right . Now to sum it all up nordvpn has plenty of borderline unique features great implementation of ram only servers and a one-of-a-kind proprietary protocol with outstanding speed and security the ability to access streaming content and responsive customer support are very pleasant additions as well


So is nordvpn worth it?  well let’s look at it in terms of price nordvpn is really more affordable than it has to betheir longest plan could be one of the best vpn deals out there period now while not as cheap as surfshark orip vanish it does provide extreme value for a very reasonable price and i never could have asked for more to be honest now the nordvpn free trial and 30 day money back guarantee well that’s just more proof that nordvpn wants you to have a chance to test out their service and let you make a choice if it’s something you want to go with or not and let’s make this choice a little bit easier for you check the link in the description below and use our discount deal we have a few for you to choose from so you can save big on the vpn you really need but hey i would actually love to know what you think is nordvpn worth it in your eyes ifind it to be a worthy vpn for a lot of reasons but your opinion.


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