NordPass review 2022 NordPass Password Manager

NxtVeeru, Monday, January 24, 2022
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NordPass review  NordPass Password Manager


NordPass Password Manager was engineered by the team behind Nord VPN. It was released in 2019 when the market was already packed with some password managers. So, did the Nord VPN team manage to create an industry-leading password manager? Did they bring us any new features or capabilities that others lack? Is NordPass safe, high-quality and stocked with good features? I’m gonna answer all that in my NordPass review, but first, sub to this channel for more tech reviews and tutorials on online security tools and if you’ve used NordPass, let me know about your experience in the comments below. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so in this “NordPass review 2021,” my goal is to help you decide whether you should trust this service and invest in long-term subscription. I’m gonna take a closer look into its features, how it compares to industry leaders, how NordPass Free compares with NordPass Premium, whether it’s missing anything, plus how to use it effectively. First things first, how hacker proof is their infrastructure?

How secure is NordPass ?

Well, you should know that NordPass uses zero-knowledge architecture, which means that your info is encrypted before it even leaves your device. It remains encrypted on NordPass servers, but only your device can decrypt it. Encryption levels go above and beyond, AES 256-bit is the current industry standard, but NordPass uses the next level XCHACHA20 algorithm, which they consider to be safer long-term. NordPass privacy and security features are pretty powerful. Two-factor authentication is quickly becoming an industry standard and NordPass has it too. You use your master password, which only you know, along with a one-time code that’s sent to your device. It offers biometric authentication too, you can use your fingerprint. NordPass has a good password generator and strength checker, so you can be sure your passwords are tough and ready for action. If you’re concerned about results from the password generator being stored somewhere, you can actually generate passwords offline. There’s even a data breach scanner that searches the web for leaks related to your email address.

Where NordPass is based ?

NordPass is based in a privacy friendly jurisdiction, so, if you deal with sensitive info, you won’t have to worry about being spied on. Okay, so what about the fact that there’s a NordPass free version? Aren’t free security tools a bit sketchy?

What feautures does NordPass free version have ?

Well with freemium services, they’re free plans are usually funded by the paid plans. This way, companies don’t have an incentive to sell your data or host ads to fund their product. So, the NordPass free version has the same type encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, it’s also safe. Unfortunately, free version of the paid services are often more limited and NordPass free versus premium is no exception. NordPass premium lets you use multiple devices at a time, securely share data with others, check password health and scan the net for data breaches. NordPass has apps for most devices and browser extensions for most popular browsers as well. You can use NordPass on up to six devices at a time on their premium plan.


On how many devices can you use NordPass ?

This won’t be enough for some households. Luckily, there’s also a family plan that allows for five separate accounts, with six devices each. The apps are quick and easy to install,

How to use NordPass?

they’re clean-looking, really intuitive and straightforward to use. There are some extra features and tools that make it easier to use NordPass Password Manager. This includes a search bar, ways to sort info and separate tabs for types of stored info. There’s a Secure Notes tab where you can write down and safely store passwords and other sensitive details in text. And tabs where you can store credit card details and personal info, like addresses and phone numbers. Then when you’re shopping online, it takes just a few clicks to copy and paste. My only real beef with NordPass usability is that some other top password managers don’t require you to copy and paste this information. Auto-fill works for basically all the items stored by these services. Now, with any password manager, getting all your passwords into the app does require a bit of effort. NordPass does its best to make this process easy on us. First, if you don’t have an account with Nord, you’ll need to make one. It’s totally free. You’ll be asked for your email address and password. Next, download the NordPass app. If you’re opting for a paid plan, you’ll go through the process of selecting a plan and adding payment details. You can choose to pay in cryptocurrency, in which case only your email address is required. After the app is downloaded, click on a download and follow the short installation guide. Your device may ask for permission, so hit Accept on that. Now, login using Nord account details. The first step to using NordPass is creating your master password. This has to be really strong, because it will allow you to access all other passwords in the future. Hit Continue when you’re ready. Straight away, you’ll find yourself on Getting Started tab. It’s a good idea to work through these items so you can get the most out of NordPass. To add a password, hit Add Password in Getting Started tab, or in the Password step. Give your password a title so you can easily recognize it. Add your username or email address, the password and the relevant site address. Here you can see whether the password is strong enough and hop over to the password generator if it’s needed. Under the Folder tab, you can sort your passwords. It’s easiest to add the folder first, then head back and edit a password to store in that folder. You can edit passwords by selecting them and hitting the Edit button. Save when you are done. You can also add notes when you’re done, hit Save. Luckily, if you have passwords stored in your browser or in another password manager, you won’t have to add them one by one. To import passwords, go to Settings,



How to import passwords to NordPass?

Scroll down to Import and Export and select Import. Choose the browser or app you want to import from.

Can you print your passwords from Safari with NordPass?

Apple users might notice that Safari is missing here. Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks through NordPass, because although there is a Safari Browser extension, you can’t import passwords from Safari. Once you’ve selected an import source, you’ll get a link to a tutorial that will show you how to download your stored passwords from the app or browser. It’s generally a quick and easy process. Once the passwords are exported, you can bring them into NordPass. If you’re a premium member, NordPass lets you share login details, notes, passwords or any other saved info, from other people, in a way that’s safe and can’t be intercepted. To do this, select the three dots menu next to the item you want to share, hit Share. Now, enter the recipient’s dets and select the rights you’ll give them. The recipient will receive a notification about your share, which they can accept. Until they do, your share is pending. If you’re in the free plan you can view shared info, but can’t share yourself.

Can you print your passwords from NordPass?

NordPass doesn’t have an easy way to print passwords, because the Nord Team is empathically against this practice. It’s a dangerous habit that makes your online privacy and security really vulnerable. You can export passwords, but the exported file is also vulnerable to being breached. If you do this, first research how to keep it safe. Here’s how to use the NordPass Data Breach Scanner, to locate any online breaches associated with your email address. In the app, head over to Tools, select Data Breach Scan, hit Scan Now. If you’ve been breached, your results will show what their breaches were, as well as when and where they happened. You can click on Items for more details. It’s crucial to follow up this process by changing and improving any broken passwords. If you haven’t been breached, you can still use NordPass to figure out which passwords are vulnerable. In tool, select Password Health, when you do this, the app scans your stored passwords. They get sorted into three tabs, weak passwords aren’t long or complex enough, re-used passwords are repeated across more than one account and old passwords haven’t been changed in more than 90 days. Visit these sites and change your vulnerable passwords, then update them in the NordPass. Okay, so what about customer support? NordPass has lots of info on the website. You can submit an email ticket, a healthful reply usually arrives within a few hours and happily, there’s also Live Support, it’s really fast and informed. NordPass has a few different pricing options, these are the standard plans. You’ll pay less if you opt for a longer sub and these are pretty budget friendly. There’s a family plan, this is a great price for five accounts. The business plans are the most expensive options, but you do get some extra features. How do these prices compare to other industry leaders?




Where NordPass stands compared to other market’s leaders regarding it’s price and features?

Firstly, each service has a great free option. They also have 30-day money back guarantees on standard and family plans. With NordPass versus Dashlane, Dashlane has a cheaper one month option, but it’s more expensive in the long run and it’s family and business plans are definitely pricier. RoboForm has some much cheaper one month option than NordPass, while a long-term sub or family plan costs pretty much the same. Business plans offer discounts for bigger groups or longer subs, so this generally works out cheaper too. With NordPass versus LastPass, LastPass has better price short-term subs, but its costs more for longer subs. Family plans are a similar price, while business plans are cheaper, if you’re considering limited features. Otherwise, they’re generally more expensive. Overall, NordPass pricing is competitive, but it’s lacking in cheap short-term options. Guys, we’ve seen how the prices of these password managers compare, but my NordPass review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t compare features too. All these tools use zero-knowledge architecture, biometric authentication, 2FA and have secured password generators. They also have methods for checking your password health. NordPass is the only tool that has adopted the XCHACHA20 encryption method today. However, the other password managers have a more complete auto-fill function. RoboForm is missing a data breach alert tool, overall, it’s a little more basic than NordPass. Dashlane instantly notifies you if your data is breached, plus it comes with a built in VPN. So, as far as security goes, it’s more advanced. It also allows you to add attachments to your notes.

Overview : is NordPass worth trying out ?

Overall, I’d say that NordPass compares well with the best of the best. It has similar features to other top password managers and provide outstanding security. NordPass has lots of advantages, it has streamlined apps, the ability to store different types of info, a good free version, multiple extra features and excellent privacy and security, with advanced encryption and multiple authentication methods. There’s some drawbacks to the service too, there is no competitive short-term pricing plan, no attachment function for notes, a somewhat limited auto-fill and no Safari imports. Guys, now that you’ve watched our “NordPass Review 2021,” you can visit the link in the description for a hot NordPass coupon, plus deals on other top online security tools.

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