Medieval Economic Simulator The Guild 3 has been released

by NxtVeeru, Tuesday, 14 June 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Players will have to trade and buy industrial facilities, choose from a wide variety of professions, and participate in the political life of cities.

Purple Lamp, GolemLabs and publisher THQ Nordic are pleased to announce that they have completed The Guild 3, which has been in Early Access since September 2017.

the guild 3

The Guild 3 is a mix of a medieval life simulation and an economic game in which players can create their own dynasty in one of the fourteen cities of Europe presented in the game.

Traders will engage in political intrigue and amass wealth, constantly looking for new ways to enrich themselves. Take control of city markets, become a manager or even mayor – in The Guild 3, players are free to decide how the story of their attacks will develop.

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