iPhone 13 pro max vs Rog 5 ultimate

NxtVeeru, Sunday, January 9, 2022
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Hello guys Nxt ViLLaiN here,and this time I want to compare the speed of 2 cellphones with the same levelYou could say no one would dare to protest.ROG 5 Ultimate Edition and iPhone 13 Proif there is a slow application here,this is not the cellphone which is called a potato but the application is not optimalbecause the specs of these two HP…It’s all the maximum from each worldlike from the Android camp,the ROG 5 Ultimate Editionit uses the Snapdragon 888 chipset.

It’s not the fastest chipset…now there are 888+The clockspeed is about 5% higherbut will anyone dare to protest?888 is already a monster!There’s also no medicine for the RAM, this is 18GB of RAM!I opened this to prove that the RAM is 18GBhere it can be seen that the memoryuse 7GB instead of 18GB so…This ROG Phone, maybe 7GB is really stupid, you don’t have to close ithere is 18 GB, this too…internal memory 512GB UFS3.1and others that are actually good but not too important about this speed.

Continue on the IOS strongholdrepresented by the iPhone 13 Pro which uses the A15 Bionic chipset.A15 Bionic, which is respected by all technology activists.Even Android users will drool at the A15 Bionic./The RAM is 6GB, yes, for this iPhone, only a third of the ROG Phonebut still dare anyone protest?I’ll report to Indra, then I know the taste…and for the unit that we are fighting this time, the memory has a capacity of 1TB NVMeThe purpose of this video is not to whine about a slower cellphone…The truth is, want to check the iPhone or ROG Phone,I’m here to knowI’m curious who will be the winner for the year 2021.The test method is easy, here I am alreadyinstall the 16 applications above lightlyjust to test the loading speed, who opens faster,then there are 2 applications that are just right.Then there are 3 photo and video processing applications and there are 5 games too,then when we’re all open,later we will open it again to see the multitasking performance.

This post is purely about seeing the speedwe don’t discuss the matter of battery heat here.If you want to know more detailsWe’ve discussed that in our respective videos.Here we just want to drag racejust race, if in a racing eventYes, what you see is who comes first, wants to be wasteful, wants to be hot, no one cares.Origin finish!Now let’s start with the simplest test.let’s test boot first.This is the first time I have thought of…Sip, it’s all dead now let’s press the power button together1.. 2.. 3..Ohh.. ohh yeahUsually there is a vibration but it doesn’t.Who’s loading first?Whoa…Where does Apple have something like this…the AG one, but Apple…*laugh*This is it, yes, it’s ok…Then this too, oh yes, there is a password if for examplewe just opened.Ekbal says it’s a joke the ROG Phone 5just wasting time.There is a sound even though the boot speed isthe iPhone just relax playingAnd he was first. ok first one,we give points to the iPhone, yes, it’s just a warm-up point,let’s see first here there are no more open applications, so…nothing is too heavy.

I have removed all the SIM cards so that they are not thereWhat’s the problem, the Wi-Fi is the sameon our ROG Phone we clear this one.Let’s just open it.1.. 2.. 3.. From Instagram.Ekbal may be a judge if my finger doesn’t match.OK, these are both loaded.There is Ridwan Hanif and Wasa.Let’s go to YouTube…This is the ROG Phone first…Then we open Spotify,this is also ROG Phone win like0.2 seconds or 0.3 seconds, then we open Netflix!Netflix has animation.This is also the ROG Phone first.Maybe it’s because of the animation, so let’s go to Tokopedia.It’s the ROG Phone too. Oh no, not yet…Yes, iPhone because of this, why is it still loading?This isn’t the internet is it?The Wi-Fi is the same.Yes Wi-Fi speed tooIt counts here, who can grab more first.Yes it definitely has advantages, because in our house or something, right?yes there must be a fight.Then I will open the camera directlyopen selfie camera.Okay Oh yes!This directly opens the selfie camera and iPhone firstthe one who wins, so you can say it’s for something easy like thisboth are equal. Someone’s ROG Phone wins,there’s the iPhone wins too.Continue to open Microsoft Word, this application is included in the middle,create open document.

The ROG Phone is a little faster than beforethe difference is only 0.3-0.5 seconds is the longest.No one will notice if for exampleWe don’t compare at all.For example, if we open a million potato HPor the 2 million which is a bit high,it will just feelone of the factors that distinguishes expensive and cheap cellphonesbooting time if for example I review HP like 1.5 millionvery long time.Same game loading is also very long but if on HP it’s expensive.The difference is that thin.It’s a very different world.Continue Excel…This was both opened and then we opened the file,this file- Wow! This time the iPhone.So..yes…It’s really like I can’t saythere is a difference for the lightand that’s how it should be.It’s like people who are really proPlaying ball was told to pass just like that.Maybe the difference is that slight, it won’t be very loud.

Now let’s get to the heavy stuff,we try photo editing.Here I use the Snapseed application.iPhone is faster to open it again a little bit,we try to edit 1 photo.Here I give some effects firstlet the processing take longer.Here the indicators are all plus 35-in.Let’s check whether this has been in the process or not.I guess not yet…We try to give something else to add.We add 75 blur. What else do you give?What are we adding to this, grunt style plus 400.What does it mean I don’t know uscheck first and we will export which one is faster.It shouldn’t be that heavy, after this new post  it’s really heavy.We export.iPhone is just a little faster.We go to Filmora Go,here we will horrify the video, so this is the video I mentioned earlierwe import first and then we’ll see how long.Wow, there’s a process for importing, you know.This is what I meant on TiktokI wonder how long it took him to import the video.

Let’s try a speed test first.Yes, the 3GB one, importing the video is a pretty good process…it makes me annoyed sometimes if it takes too long.But the iPhone seems to win twice as much as…ROG Phone 5, I think last year was like this toothe same OPPO.I don’t know if it’s because of the difference between NVMe and UVS memory or what?Yesterday’s keymaster, but it’s similar, a little different.This iPhone is about to finish but ROG is still…I only want 60%, as far as I know, if you import videos like this, it’s already doneabout the memory speed, yes, the storage speed.Not the CPU speed so…If it’s rendering later, it’s just CPU speedmaybe even louderor faster than this at least the difference is the ROG.But when it comes to the type of storage, the iPhone has always beenfrom iPhone 10 or from what iPhone?it’s very responsive because it uses NVMe if people guess.And now it’s also provencan still ngasepin from Android from the side-It seems that there is no Android using NVMe.We give the filter effect first, this is the F1 effect.I don’t know if it’s F1 and we’ll just go straight into recess.It’s a slightly different color.

It’s yellowand here he is a bit dreamy-dreamybut yeah maybe it’s different.But it should be the same nameDo you want Android or iPhone but it doesn’t really affect that muchwe try to export now.It’s at 720p 30 FPS, so…1, 2, 3, not much different- Eh!Missed a little maybe about a second.Only…why is it also diasepin, yes, this is 10%, this is only 2%.So this is not the app.Want to try to compare 1 more Kinemaster?Can use Android team,so let no one say”Brother, that’s the app for iOS, bro”Try it, because it feels really bad, the iPhone is at 90%ROG is still 20%It’s kind of unfair, so…Yes, even though it doesn’t make sense, it’s like I’m not satisfied just looking at it.I thought it was just in storage because the storage is different but…This rendering is also very different.

Yes, it’s finally finished, the difference can be around if I saw this earlierplay video results on this iPhone 13 Pro…the difference can be 5 minutes for 1 video.5 yes… about that…Now we try to use Kinemaster, here we use our Kinemaster…the export is at 1080p 30 fps the bitrate is at 10mb/s only…which is strange for some reasonthe Kinemaster on Android he expects to produce 3800 MB videos whileif the iPhone is only 1000 MB.I don’t know why the iPhone can be more efficient, so we’ll try to test itmatch the bitrate first, then the same…what is the result of the file like?Ah…ad again, when it comes to this, everything is equally loud.Ads out, loud, okay…Who said?- Whoa…The iPhone already has a line.*laugh*But maybe it’s because the iPhone is more data efficientonly 1000MB for nowthe ROG, he should be 3800 just shouldn’t go this farI’m a bit disappointed, it’s treated like that in any application.Even though Kinemaster is more popular on Android, right?The thing is, when I checked the Playstore on Android, the reviews were 4 million.The review, not the download.

Meanwhile, on the iPhone 27 thousand only the reviewsIt’s like…it’s even worse than Filmora, isn’t it?this is about to end but it seems like it’s only 15-20%just now, when I finished my iPhone, Filmora was already at 30%…not 30% yet. Let’s just cancel this…Too late because…Yes, that’s it we…Let’s compare the result, how is this…we keep the iPhone at 1000 MB.Then we bring down the ROG until the result is 1000MB too.It’s already the lowest it can’t be below 1000MB.But let’s see if…the difference is that far again.Yes, I love you… you’re so bad…Do you stay?what??It doesn’t matter too much huh?What’s rendering is that when we talk about RAM, the iPhone loses,when it comes to CPU, the CPU renders it and…Bionic A15yes it’s crazy.Now let’s move on to Subway Surf, it looks like the result will be whatever…Woo ROG is faster, it has a little loadingwhy follow the iPhone now?Why are you a little disappointed…Think it will be, you know, will be narrow you know.Maybe the iPhone is too fast nownow Pokemon Unite, let’s try it first.

This is a new game but the levels are light tooit’s like Mobile Legends, not like PUBG or like Genshin.Yes, this is a little different from this, the difference is at least half a secondmake it to .. Yes the start up page.Yup!It’s the same with this.Whoa! Okay!Here ROG a little, not a little, it’s quite a long time.The difference can be 5 seconds and that…Feels… But why is it loading longer?It seems like even if that’s the case because the start button can’t be activated…signed together so…okay, for easy games now loading PUBG.When it was signed, it was together but the response took a while.Wow the iPhone stuck just now…Now is it going to follow immediately suddenly?Oh no…Oh yes!The difference… not even 1 second.Yes, this is the same.Oh yes, when it comes to the performance of the game, how is it?I’ve also discussed that in the video review, for sure these two cellphonescan be extriminated, can be metokine all includedGenshin Impact so this is for…Just review the loading speed.

It means caste…Wuu… Genshin first let’s try to enter. I have changed this accountto Ekbal, this is my account.So the ROG Ekbal should be lighter.Because the map hasn’t been opened yet, let’s try it now.How fast is the loading due to the Genshin loading…it’s quite long.We just signed straight into the door…What?That’s not a skin, this is a character…This is a fairly long loading that Genshin players often complain about when…for example the engine is not strong enough.if it looks like here…Same- Wow!!ROG first!Yes there can be a reasonif the map hasn’t been opened much or anything, that’s it.But yes, the iPhone is really far behind.If this I can not be sure, why?He can get stuck, really, really, really long.Pretty good news for…Why?Well, this is just all loading, if this is right…all the maps are open…But if you load the map, it should be…have to reload again even though the texture is in RAM again.Now we Mobile Legends have the same account so…If someone is late he will be rejected, can’t enter.only the first to enter…first time regfister, so who can break into the first?Who was rejected? Let’s see,so it’s loading at the beginning, it’s immediately full…But it’s just likeOow, the iPhone that managed to seize firstkeep ROG stuck…Yes, I was really confused at the time why…Yes, if it’s stuck like this, okay.He was confused as to why anyone was inside…Now let’s try multitasking again eh…why is it like loading like that?

it’s 18gb…Oh, it’s the same, okay, Spotifydid he re-open it, the ROG?Netflix is ​​pretty much the same.Keep Tokped…I wonder why?Yes, that’s why many Apple fans say, this is the same…yes, why is RAM so big if for example 6GB is enough,4GB is enough, Android is tens of GBstill have to re-open… This one is the same.Maybe it was just a little hiccup.in the initial applications, if in the game it is okay, great.It means that if it’s not 18GB, it’s very bad.Hmm?!iPhone 6GB can’t load Genshin Impact texturesIt’s really fast, it has to be from the start up again, Genshin Impact.Yes, it means the 6GB RAM is here, the difference is 18GB and 6GB so far.Because the texture in this Genshin game is really big, finally there is a weakness…*laugh*If not, the conclusion was already like “Wow!!”yes this time it can be a little bit…Be proud, Mobile Legends too, yes, it’s definitely stuck together…That means the new Apple will be in trouble if for example the application is very heavywhich has a lot of texture, a lot of datawhich eats a lot of RAM. The rest he’s safe.My conclusion about video versus like this,it’s a bit mixed.I wanted to say earlier that before opening Genshin earlierlike numbers are useless, even a small RAM can, but…it turns out that even a small RAM in the end has an influence tooif it’s that far. It’s 18GB, it’s 6GB.If you use it for a lot of multi-tasking, especially if the data is really heavyYes, this big RAM will be superior, obviously he can maintain itwhat applications are open.But if it’s just the power, processing power,2 HP is clearly no difference.For light work, it’s certain that any class’s cellphone is already speeding upcontinue to play the game if I review the one at that time,both have the same performance.

Then if you have the highest level for rendering,for processing like in the computer world it’s also the hardestit’s for rendering animation, rendering 3D. The iPhone…There is no medicine for the A15 Bionic.It’s really bad, it just wants Snapdragon 888+ which is 5% superiorcan’t beat this one.This is… like if you look at the 2 applications earliereven in the more popular apps on Android,This is 3 times faster CPU.If it’s the GPU, maybe we don’t have anything we can test, right?because there are no games that can make 888 lag yet.So yes the winner is clearI prefer the iPhone 13 Pro this time. The A15 Bionic.Apple has always been upgrading its chipsetYes, that’s one that I admire tooit’s been as tight as this is still being pressed again.Yes, so that’s it for nowconclusion or video versus speed iPhone 13 Pro versus ROG Phonethis is for 2021.Next year somehow something else,I don’t know maybe Samsung will come inhe said he would collab with AMD, I don’t know anymore.But yeah, we’ll see.

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