iPhone 13 Pro Max vs OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 11

NxtVeeru, Friday, January 7, 2022
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welcome guys!
today we will be comparing iPhone 13 Pro max vs One plus 9 Pro vs iPhone 11
to see which one handles PUBG Mobile better
we will be doing these following tests,
1st one would be a speed test,
and then a BootCamp test.
and lastly the stress test.
starting off with the speed test to see which phone opens the game first,
looks like one plus took some time-to start the game, while the iPhones are very smooth
and fast.
however the krafton logo appeared first on the one plus 9 pro, and i guess it may have
a lead here
but what do you think, will the one plus beat iphones in this speed test,
or will the iphones can catch up with the one plus, let me know in the comments.
nevermind the iPhone 13 pro max destroyed the one plus 9 pro here.
and then the 2-year old iPhone 11, still managed to win against one plus 9 pro,
well lets have a BIG F for the one plus in the comments.
and finally, the one plus 9 pro loaded the game, just to be sure i did best out of 3
speed tests,
and the results were the same, iphone 13 pro max took 18 seconds to start the game, and
the iphone 11 took 23 seconds
while the one plus 9 pro took 32 seconds, a massive win for the iphones.
i know a lot of you would be like loading screen time doesn’t matter, its just 10-15
seconds slower,
well let’s say if you open the game hundred times, it would save you around 12 minutes
with the iPhone 13, which is enough to play few TDMs.
anyway now lets see which phone enters in a match faster, just to be sure all these
3 phones are connected to the same wi-fi, and the wi-fi router is right here.
alright so we gonna do a custom room, and all 3 phones are in the same team as you can
see here, starting in 3 2 1.
and we will see which one enters in the match first, okay so the iPhone 13 pro max is the
clear winner here
but lets watch it in slow motion to see which phone got 2nd and 3rd.
looks like the iphone 11 loaded the match 2nd, and quickly following up by the one plus.
but the difference is actually very close.
by the way, if you don’t know how your teammates get assigned number 1, number 2 in your squad,
it depends on the device, so whoever gets the number 1 in your squad,
they will most likely have the most powerful device and the best internet connection.
since we are using the same wi-fi for all these 3 phones, lets focus on the device,
so the iPhone 13 pro max got the number 1 spot in the squad
and the one plus 9 pro got the 2nd spot while the iPhone 11 got the 3rd place.
but the crazy thing is, the iphone 11 loads up the match faster-than the one plus 9 pro
you can clearly see it in the slow motion, however the one plus 9 pro still manages to
get the 2nd place in the squad.
so this shows us that one plus 9 pro is more powerful than the iPhone 11.
but is it really true
lets find that in bootcamp test, so we have about 50 players in a custom room,
and everyone will land in BootCamp.
this will put the pressure on the phone’s CPU and GPU, just to be sure every phone here
are running at the same graphic settings,
HDR Extreme with anti-aliasing set to 2 times.
and if you are wondering 90 fps is not available on one plus 9 pro and iphone 13 pro max yet,
so that’s why we are running at HDR extreme.
anyway while landing in the bootcamp, i didn’t notice any lag or huge frame drops,
but i can confirm that there are few frame drops from 59 fps to 50 fps its fluctuating
but on average i guess its gonna be around 56 or 57 fps.
however i couldn’t able to measure the iphone’s fps but I’m sure that iPhone 13 pro max is
doing way better than the other two phones.
and also lets talk about over heating issues, so you can easily observe that iphone 11’s
screen got dimmer that is due to overheating.
and its actually really hot, and one plus is also hot but not overheated as the iphone
and the newer iphone 13 pro max is doing really well, it only got slightly warmer. this is
how i would rank these phones in overheating.
so lets move on to the next test, which is stress test, this is where we can put the
phones to their maximum pressure.
in this stress test we will make the phone render-more-than-what it is suppose to do.
so i have a Molotov cocktail in my hand, and i will quickly switch it to grenade and hold
fire button at the same time,
and you’ll hear molotav opening flame sound.
however you’ll be holding a grenade in your hand,
and if you move you will see fire coming out from your character.
you can repeat the process again and again by switching between low toss and high toss
and the fire opacity increases over time.
for example, here is a side by side comparison of 1 stack vs 5 stacks + increasing up to
25 stacks,
you can clearly see the fire flames opacity or brightness increases as you stack more.
this means your phone requires to render more and more molotav flames,
and i saw bumbum’s video, he said if you stack more than a thousand your device will lag.
so lets see how many stacks each phone can handle, starting with the one plus 9 pro.
alright so we have the fps counter at the top along with CPU and GPU usage, and lets
skip to around 500 stacks to see the situation with fps.
so as you can see the fps is dropping below 50 and its fluctuating around 50,
also if you look at the CPU and GPU usage, they kind-a increased as if we compare to
the starting before stacking the molotav’s flames.
and if we go over one thousand + molotav stacks, the fps dropped below 30 and fluctuating around
20 fps,
so this clearly shows us that doing this molotav stacks is processor intensive and it actually
heats up very quickly under 10 minutes,
normally if I’m playing normal games it would take around 40-50 minutes to heat up to this
specific temperature.
alright let’s repeat the same process with the iPhone 11, the results were almost the
same it started having frame drops after 500+ stacks.
i don’t have fps meters, but I guess the fps is fluctuating around 50 just like the one
plus 9 pro,
however if we go over one thousand + shacks, the iPhone 11 starts to have frame drops really
I’m assuming the fps is below 20, and fluctuating around 20.
it is very obvious that the iPhone 11 is the least powerful phone in this comparison,
and it overheated really bad and I’m guessing the iPhone 11’s processor is throttling down
performance due to the overheating,
that’s why its lagging so bad.
moving on to the iphone 13 pro max, so after 500+ stacks the iPhone 13 pro max is still
running really smooth,
maybe the fps is fluctuating around 55 56,
and even after one thousand + molotav stacks the iPhone 13 pro max is keeping up really
the fps kinda feels like around 40-50 ish, it didn’t drop below 30 fps unlike the other
two phones.
and the crazy thing is even after two thousand+ stacks the iPhone 13 pro max is running really
didn’t drop below 30 fps, but the fps is fluctuating especially when you jump.
and this makes the phone heat up very quickly however it didn’t heat up as hot as other
two phones, just for fun,
i put this phone in the freezer for a minute and took it out, surprisingly its running
the game really good.
it feels like 60 fps, even with HDR extreme graphics, but the vehicle sounds are gone.
anyway that’s all i got for this video, i hope you find this post entertaining

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