iPhone 13 Pro Max Real Life Review

NxtVeeru, Monday, January 10, 2022
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iPhone 13 Pro Max, yes it’s been my primary driver for the past few days. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now.
And this video is going to be a little different. It’s going to be an actual experiential review!
Meaning, I’ll tell you exactly what I feel about it when I’m using it.
It’s going to be a very interesting video, so do watch it carefully till the end & hit Like if you enjoy it!
Let’s go!


iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB - DXPERÚ Equipos Libres Lider en Venta de Celulare Libres


Friends, everyday I come to the office & I’d like to tell you. You don’t get used to this phone’s weight & size, I haven’t seriously!
It’s size is big & it’s a hefty phone & even after 3 weeks it still feels big & heavy in the hand.
So if you’re planning to buy then you should look at the iPhone 13 Pro & not the Pro Max, it’s big!
Unless you want a seriously big screen then you can go for it otherwise I think the iPhone 13 Pro is the perfect size.
So size is done, but the build quality is great!
This mirror finish is a fingerprint magnet. You’ll hold it 4-5 times & you’ll see fingerprints immediately.
But display, I’ll talk about it but there are some very interesting things about display.
I’ll tell you by using it as well as I’ll talk about my experience but I’m going to talk about it later.
And an interesting thing, if your pants are loose & if you put it in your pocket, your pants might come down if they’re loose.
Yes, it’s that heavy. But in terms of size I bought a case & it became so big after putting it on.
I threw it away! But yes I’ve put a scratch guard which is very important.
It has the toughest glass, I’d say but it’s scratch prone for sure!
Even a little drop will show you some scratches & so I had to put on the scratch guard!
But firstly, why did I shift to iPhone 13 Pro Max? The reason was that the cameras & its videos are unmatched!
Display – There’s harsh sunlight & it’s 1:30 PM in the afternoon. And the brightness is about 50-60%
I don’t know if you can see it but every word, icon and colour can be seen clearly.
I am going to increase the brightness to full and look at it! OMG! It’s not at all needed.
Like I said it’s one of the best displays I have encountered.
I’d like to talk about Pro Motion, for the first time you get a fast refresh rate on an iPhone.
I didn’t know this much of a difference during gaming. I don’t think you can play games on 120Hz.
But all other things like swipes, touches & scrolls. You’ll actually come to know the difference.
The Pro Motion difference is not understood in gaming but in everything else for sure!
The notch on the top is something that I don’t get used to. The notch still feels a little big.
And when I’m watching a video on full screen then I can totally notice it. It stands out & I don’t like it!
Multimedia – The multimedia experience is unmatched. The colours look good and the video viewing experience is amazing!
Minus that notch, as it would’ve been great.
But for audio quality, the speakers are loud & probably the best! Yes!
The multimedia experience has been the best on a phone until now that I’ve experienced for sure!
And friends, if you are looking at the phone at night while sleeping, & the phone drops in sleep.
It has sharp corners that would seriously wound you! So be careful while holding it.
Holding the phone for a long time would be a problem as it’s heavy.
And friends, if you play a lot of games, then the in-hand feel while holding/gripping the phone is great!
Yes, there are sharp corners but you also get that much grip! So it’s an advantage while gaming.
Performance – All popular titles/games on it will be fun & you’ll have the best experience on it.
Because the A15 Bionic chip is the fastest without a question! It’s the fastest iPhone & probably the fastest phone for sure!
So I won’t spend much time in terms of performance, I’ll just say that it’s unmatched!
Whether it’s using heavy apps/photo editing/video editing. It’s fast, comparatively & relatively.
So the performance is top notch!
Cameras – I’ll tell you what, it’s just as I was expecting & I’m impressed!
The primary sensor on the rear & its colours & skin tones, I’ll show you live! Look at it on the screen.
This is normal & I’ll show you a wide angle shot. Look at the change.
There is no change. That’s what I’m saying! If you look at the skin tones, it looks exactly the same!
And look at this angle, now I’ll go outdoors where there’s harsh sunlight! Look at this!
It autofocuses very seamlessly &, look at the colours. They don’t look over-saturated.
If you like saturated colours, then this might not be it. Because it focuses more on natural colours.
And then when I come indoors, you can see the switch.
But friends, there are 3-4 interestings things about the camera that I noticed.
If you’re shooting a video near a direct light source, then you can see the reflection.
And it looks like ghosting, so you’ll see the reflection of the light source in the video that was in iPhone 12 Series & it’s the same here.
Secondly, there was a lot of talk about Cinematic Mode & I’m showing you the footage now.
I’ll tell you, it’s software based & the quality of video that you take from normal sensors & cinematic mode,
then it feels like a slight downgrade in quality but still I’ll give a thumbs up to Cinematic because the work they’ve done
as the post processing they do & you can shift focus after shooting the video can be done easily.
Let’s talk about low light, the primary sensor’s aperture(f/1.5) is one of the lowest.
And due to that the low light photos are great & even in ultrawide, there’s a slight difference in quality as it gets low.
But it has an aperture of f/1.8 & the videos come out good, the colours look good even in low light.
So photos & videos are great. And we generally shoot videos on 4K@60fps which come out very good!
The size is big but it looks gorgeous for sure!
Friends, I told you about the colours that normally the colors are default but if you want punchy colours then there are 4 different presets.
If you go on vibrant the colors will look saturated & punchy. If you want cool/warm presets then you shoot such photos/videos.
There’s 1 thing about cameras that I didn’t like much, which many people might not notice while shooting photos/videos on screen.
When you download it on normal PCs, then its quality drastically decreases!
Now that’s not what I was expecting. It’s still good, I’m not saying that it’s very bad. The footage is good & not grainy.
But its looks on the display cannot be matched on the PC.
Primarily there’s a reason behind it because its display is so good & being an XDR display, the quality is not available on the PC screen.
In 1 line, the camera is a consistent performer & it’s not like other Android phones.
Even the flagship phones click different pictures while this phone is consistent! It’s very good & thumbs up to that!
Let’s talk about other things,
Connectivity – The phone calls are perfect, the network reception & everything is absolutely great!
I’ve seen 1 thing in Android phones, where there’s no connectivity, there are 4-5 network bars & you still have issues.
It’s not here. If the connectivity is less, then it’ll reflect in the bars. Many Android phones have 5 bars & have connectivity issues too!
I forgot, this slider – silent mode on/off is very useful when I’m making such videos.
I turn on the silent mode but there’s a disadvantage to it as well. I make videos while it’s on silent & I miss most calls.
Because it’s completely silent. If there was a 3 way slider where Vibration was another mode, that would’ve been great.
At least, you’d know. Now I turn on silent mode & then I miss the calls.
And yes, it’s IP68 certified, so if it falls in water/anything happens, you shouldn’t have any problems.
In fact, it can stay 6 meter deep in the water for 30 minutes. So it has the highest IP68 certification.
Which is very good! If you drop it/ swing your phone, then it’s good.
And yes! You can do underwater videography as well for 30 minutes easily!


Alright, let’s keep it in charge. Did you notice 1 thing?
It’s an iPhone & I’m using a Samsung charger of 25W. You know why?
Because there’s no charger inside the box. I really don’t know why!? I mean it’s surprising but to talk about battery backup,
I’ll tell you 1 thing for sure, it runs long. And compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max, it gives 20-30% more battery life.
Even after heavy usage throughout the day, there’s no problems.
It takes time to charge for about 1.5-1.75 hours but I charge it incrementally & charge it at 30-40% upto 80-90%.
In 20-30 minutes, it gets charged so I’m ok with charging but there should’ve been a charger in the box.
he backup time is very good & much improved.
But there are 2 things about charging, it’s not Type C, it’s a lightning port & I haven’t charged it through MagSafe so I don’t know.
Alright, so what do I think about the iPhone 13 Pro Max?
This is the best iPhone yet! 100%! But should you upgrade it?
If you have any Phone 12 Series phone, then I don’t think you should upgrade.
If you have an iPhone 11 series phone, then I’ll say yes go ahead & upgrade it.
2-3 things I’d say like performance, display, camera & battery backup, there’s an improvement in all of these!
But if compared to iPhone 12 series, then yes, the camera & battery are the 2 major upgrades!
Other than that, It’s just a small incremental upgrade!
That’s all I’d say about the iPhone 13 Pro Max. At least that’s what based on my experience.


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