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In 2021, one of the most recognizable characters who became a symbol of the video game industry of the 90s and the face of SEGA turned 30 years old. In honor of the birthday of the super hedgehog, the Japanese company, together with Sonic Team, organized a grand celebration and released a new themed merchandise, and a team of screenwriters and artists with Ian Flynn created a festive collection of comics for fans, published in the Russian Federation by the publishing house Eksmo.

Maybe some of you remember what it’s like to sit on the carpet at night in front of a “pot-bellied” TV and a 32-bit Mega Drive behind the hurricane platformer Sonic the Hedgehog, trying to save the remains of the rings before battle. with Robotnik. Meanwhile, more than thirty years have passed since the release of the first Sonic game.

Over the years, the series has undergone a major evolution in both genre and graphics. Only Sonic has been redrawn dozens of times – from a spherical cartoon to a spectacular next-gen superhero, from a 2D model (and initially a black-and-white and clear concept) to a full-fledged, detailed 3D character.

Sonic the hedgehog

Genres changed, platforms changed, new heroes and villains appeared. To date, the Sonic universe has more than a hundred projects – from video games for arcade machines, cross-generation consoles, PCs and smartphones to the scope of a media franchise that includes animated series, feature films, books and comics set in the Super Hedgehog universe. .

We also got one of these comics from Eksmo. Not just any comic, but an anniversary collection of four separate stories written by different teams. The main work was the epic “Seasons of Chaos”, the author of which is one of the most prolific screenwriters of the franchise, Ian Flynn.

Sonic the hedgehog

More than three hundred scripts for Sonic comics came out of his pen, he came up with various plots for the animated series Sonic Boom, wrote reference books and did much more for the universe. Flynn has been working with Super Hedgehog for over fifteen years.

The screenwriter worked in a team with another well-known personality – the young American artist Aaron Hammerstrom, who was a major contributor to the IDW Publishing comic series about Sonic the Hedgehog, where Flynn continued his career after the conclusion of the series by Archie Comics.

Sonic the hedgehog

Together with talented colorists, liners and inks, they created a vibrant and amazingly rich adventure, using a large number of well-known characters. Like Sonic, who is too energetic to sit still for long, the comic’s events unfold at the speed of a hurricane from the first page – try to hold back and consider the angles carefully.

The second work “Sonic Learns to Drive” was written by the American family McElroy, known for the My Brother and Me show, work in the film industry, video game journalism and voice acting for animated series. Griffin McElroy is also a writer for IDW Publishing and involved in the development of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

Sonic the hedgehog

Together with Portuguese artist Mauro Fonseca and colorist Valentina Pinto, the artists created a hilarious story about Sonic, who tries to master the management of transport, although he runs faster than any car.

Eggman’s Birthday was written especially for fans of the charismatic Ivo Robotnik by American Gail Calligan. This is a very short but moving and very nicely visualized story that reveals additional personality traits of the popular anti-hero.

Sonic the hedgehog

Calligan is the author of the next, last work of the “Amy’s New Hobby” collection. Another small humorous comic about the daily worries of Sonic’s friends. By the way, in the latter two cases, the author of the beautiful covers and drafts for the works based on Sonic, Natalie Furdrain, was in charge of coloring the works, and the talented IDW Publishing artist Thomas Roethlisberger was responsible for the drawing.

At the end of the story, fans will find great art across a variety of art genres, an informative masterclass for aspiring comic writers, and a short interview with Ian Flynn about how the super hedgehog Sonic influenced the writer’s life.

The work “Sonic. 30th anniversary. Komiks” is distributed in hardcover with a representative print, dense, high-quality colored pages and a beautiful translation into Russian from the publishing house Eksmo. Such an asset will undoubtedly please the Sonic fan and occupy a prominent place on the shelf next to the collection of themed comics.

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