ExpressVPN Full Review

NxtVeeru, Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Express vpn full review

ExpressVPN is a familiar service with a long history of success. Heck, I’ve got it open right now, so I can show you how it handles in certain situations.But they’ve recently had a change in ownership.So let’s discuss if ExpressVPNis still a safe choice, and I’m also gonna add more infoon how Express compares to other market leaders,along with some great discounts which, you can check out those below in the description.Okay, when I first turned on ExpressVPN a while ago,I was immediately impressed. But that time has passed,and I started to realize that five connections.

Simultaneous connections & Servers 

per account dwindles in comparison to what Surfshark or IP Vanish offer. And the server list, which seemed enormous back then, shrinks when I put it next to the likes of NordVPN or even PIA.Now, where ExpressVPN is still impressiveis in the router compatibility.

Router app 

A great router app sets ExpressVPN apart from many other top providers.It’s both faster and easier to work within the router app than it is to, you know, do a manual setup.But besides the router app,there are other features that make ExpressVPNa great choice for all users. Media streamer is a Smart DNS featuredes igned to unblock region locked content on smart TVs.I’ve used it with Samsung and Apple smart TVsand certain consoles with pretty good results.And on PC, you can use split tunneling to specify which apps or websites need a VPN connection assigned to them. While connecting to YouTube may not need a VPN,your torrenting app sure does. They’ve also announced new features coming up, but so far, we only have the protection summary on Android devices, and with the recent developments surrounding ExpressVPN, well, there’s no saying if we’re getting anything else at all at this point. And well, I guess that’s about it. Yeah, ExpressVPN misses a lot of other features I like to see another VPNs.

Missing features 

For example, torrenting, having port forward ingor a SOCKS5 proxy. All those would have gone on a long way, and it’s hard to overstate all the extra security that we’re not getting without double VPNor onion over VPN.In terms of security though, ExpressVPN offers about the same security as any other VPN.

ExpressVPN security

Military-grade 256-bit encryptionis pretty much standard, and having a customized kill switch for emergenciesis a requirement for a good VPN.That said, ExpressVPN’s security is definitely spotless. Just this year, it has receivedan ioXt certification for their mobile app,a significant accomplishmentin the cyber security world, by the way.Unfortunately, I can’t just praise ExpressVPN for its privacy anymore. Sure once it gained mad respectfor proving their no logs policy in courtand the privacy-friendly locations,well, that’s all definitely a huge benefit. Furthermore, ExpressVPN was the first VPN to start

RAM – only servers & bug bounty program 

implementing RAM-only servers, which can’t retain data for very long, if at all.And they have a bug bounty program that’s still active.The issue here is that recently ExpressVPN was bought by Kape Technology.

ExpressVPN & Kape Technologies

That’s the situation I mentioned before.See, Kape has a pretty shady pastand a previous relationship with developingspy ware and adware.They also already own a couple of big VPNsthat will get the same flack as ExpressVPN because of the parent company.And while Kape’s involvement in ExpressVPN can be a benefit in the form of extended influx, the potential threat to privacy should not be disregarded. Furthermore, ExpressVPN’s CIO turned out to work with governmental cyber surveillance agencies.Even Edward Snowden gave unambiguous advice, you know, not to use ExpressVPN from now on. Yikes. So it’s fair to say that ExpressVPN’s reputation is taking a hit, and I don’t know if it’s gonna be able to recover anytime soon. But I’m not planning to sit in sadness.I mean, after all, there is a happy silver lining,and that is express VPN’s performance.

ExpressVPN speed test 

I’ve run a ton of speed tests. Here, take a look at the results yourself. With my baseline speed at roughly 300 megabits,I have gotten the following results in locations all over the world.And yep, there’s a speed decrease for sure.But thanks to Express VPN’s proprietary protocol Lightway, the speed drop is quite negligible in most cases. Now, I do have to note that the speedis not Lightway’s main benefit. Look, it takes less than a second to establishor reestablish a connection to the VPN server.And of course, ExpressVPN does havea substantial server grid. Not the biggest one for sure,but it’s big enough. Those servers and the speed of ExpressVPN proved to be useful for streaming. I’ve managed to make the ExpressVPN Netflix do a work with all the libraries I tried and even access some other popular streaming platforms. That said, in some cases I did encounter some issues with connecting to the streaming websites, but switching a server and clearing the cache and cookies pretty much fixed all the problems. But it’s also a little harder to fix ExpressVPN’s mediocrity with torrenting. While it works well enough and has split tunneling as a supporting feature, it doesn’t have any of the other more notable featuresand it, well, I guess it just really doesn’t stand out.

App interface & ease of use

Now, ExpressVPN’s design is simple and intuitive. The color palette used for the apps is neutral enough, and using them is very comfortable. Though I initially wasn’t a big fan of the changes that they made as part of the ExpressVPN 2021 rebranding, well, now I’m more or less on the same page with the change. That said, there’s a difference between the app son different platforms. While the Windows and Mac apps are almost identical in functionality and design, the Linux app is lacking split tunneling. Mobile devices are quite close in terms of app features, except that

ExpressVPN Android app

Android is a bit ahead with split tunneling and the new protection summary feature. There really is nothing else to mention as far as apps go. Now, since the last time I used ExpressVPN,


its pricing policy, unfortunately, didn’t change. It’s still more expensive than many of its main competitors, and a lack of a free trial is very disappointing. The best you can get is a 30-day money back guarantee. And yeah, that’s not much. But if you want to support our effortsto bring you new reviews, then well, you know what to do. Get clicking, get saving, get those discounts. All right, it’s time to concludethis ExpressVPN 2021 review, hopefully, the last time we have to talk about ExpressVPN this year.


Now, things seem to be going downhill. The Kape situation is not looking good. And even the top level performance and security can’t fight against the damagedone to ExpressVPN’s reputationand legitimacy of its privacy policy. Look, we can only hope that ExpressVPN will be able to recoverand that Kape’s involvement will end upbringing more benefits than demerits. So if you’re still looking for a VPNthat’s capable of all the things ExpressVPN isand maybe a little more, well, check out my top list recommendations in the description. Okay, hope you’ve found what you’re looking forand I’ll see you guys again real soon with a newpost. See you.

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