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NxtVeeru, Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Express VPN VS NordVPN VS SurfshankVPN BEST VPN

Yep. 2022, mm, rollercoaster of a year, wasn’t it? Yep, huge VPN services being bought, other services expanding their cybersecurity footing, and some just staying the course. And you know, I actually haven’t tested some of the better VPN services together. Yeah, so today might be a great opportunity to do just that. (bright music) (Mike sighing) Okay, there. These three are always in competition, implementing consistent development and fighting for the top spot. Today, I aim to perform a clear, honest, and detailed comparison of NordVPN versus ExpressVPN versus Surfshark to clearly outline where each excels and where each one doesn’t excel.

RAM-only servers 

And funny enough, in this ExpressVPN versus NordVPN versus Surfshark comparison, well, all three VPNs use RAM-only servers.These servers are different from the hard disk ones because they can’t actually retain any user data that passes through em.’ ExpressVPN was the first to switch over to ’em with NordVPN and Surfshark following shortly after. But a lot of other VPNs are still lagging behind for some reason.


And an essential element of security is, yep, you guessed it, encryption and understanding the tunneling protocol used for said encryption is worth paying attention to. So NordVPN and ExpressVPN came up with their own protocols. NordLynx and Lightway are proprietary protocols with fast speeds and future-proof ChaCha20 encryption. NordVPN has ChaCha20 and Lightway has wolfSSL. Surfshark’s WireGuard has the same encryption as NordVPN and can sometimes beat the other two in speed, depending on your location, of course. However, both Nord and ExpressVPN recently received an ioXT certification for their Android apps, acknowledging that each of them is the best VPN provider in terms of Android security. Though Surfshark has not earned that certification just yet, well, don’t count it out. Maybe it will become the best VPN for 2022, especially considering how it tails Nord at nearly every turn.

Nord VPN features

And all three VPNs have split tunneling so there’s that. I actually find split tunneling indispensable. I can use it to set up specific pages and apps to have a VPN connection applied automatically. Helps a lot with online banking and torrenting and other things that require maximum privacy. But those are just the basic essentials. The best VPN service has even more to offer. And after testing, I can definitely say that NordVPN has more. I personally adore CyberSec. A little feature of theirs that acts like an ad blocker, removing advertisements from websites, including YouTube. And it helps with security by blocking malicious websites reported for having malware or other threats.

Now if your data was already leaked, they have a little tool for that as well. It’s called the Dark Web Monitor which lets you know if your data associated with your email address has turned up on the dark web, giving you a heads up to patch things up. And if you happen to be as paranoid as I am and don’t even want leaks to happen in the first place, well, NordVPN has specialty Double VPN servers. Then there’s Onion over VPN where the servers are even more private, utilizing the Onion router, but they’re way slower.

Surfshark features

All right, now I’ve been asked a few times is Surfshark safe with the features that it has? Well in short, yes. Yes, it is. It has CleanWeb, which is almost the same as CyberSec with a tool against ads and malicious websites. And I use it just the same and I haven’t noticed that major of a difference. Multihop is an equivalent to Double VPN. Two servers in a row for double the security. The locations used by Surfshark are different though, so if you need a specific location, mm, that could make it a tie breaker, but I’m actually a little more interested in Surfshark’s unique features like GPS Spoofer being one of ’em. Yeah, see this Android-only feature actually helped my friend score a date through Tinder since he was able to swipe in a few different cities. Yeah, you’re welcome, Dave.Then there’s a NoBorders mode. An automatic feature that will turn on if you end up in a country or a location with internet restrictions and allow you to bypass ’em.

ExpresVPN features

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t really have any additional features other than its baseline security elements. This is quite disappointing since the essential security it does provide is top notch.


And it’s quite interesting that the only VPN out of these three that hasn’t gotten a huge privacy change recently is NordVPN. Yup, still belongs in Panama’s jurisdiction and keeps no logs of your activity online. Surfshark has undergone a recent change to its jurisdiction. One of its legal entities moved to the Netherlands. This country is part of the 9-eyes intelligence-sharing alliance. So naturally, people are worried even despite the no logs policy. But I found out that this move is not actually that detrimental. Netherlands has a privacy friendly set of laws that do not contradict Surfshark’s no logs policy, and there’s no legal obligation to log or even retain user data. And at the same time, ExpressVPN’s privacy suffered a huge hit. Not only did their CIO turn out to reportedly be a US intelligence operative, but the whole company was bought by Kape Technologies. And this is the company with previous ties with malware and a very shady past in general. Even with the same jurisdiction and no logs policy, things might not be like they once were. Is ExpressVPN safe from bad influence? Well, unfortunately, we don’t see any evidence one way or the other.


All right, so after testing them in three different locations, it became clear to me that in the ExpressVPN versus Surfshark VPN and NordVPN speed test, well, Express only wins in Japan. Both for US servers and automatically chosen closest servers, NordVPN and Surfshark provide faster speeds. However ExpressVPN had lower ping. So that might be the better VPN to use for gaming despite its slightly lower speeds. ExpressVPN does have more server locations, though Surfshark and NordVPN beat it in the number of actual servers. Now, if you’d like to learn more about the speed test, the links to our video reviews with speed tests will be in the description. Oh, and since you’re interested in speed, hm, I bet you know what you need it for. Yeah, I personally need good speeds for, yup, streaming. (Mike chuckling)

Streaming and torrenting

Since these VPNs can bypass geo-blocking of streaming platforms, watching Netflix or Disney Plus from anywhere is possible on all these servers with these VPNs with no limits either. But my favorite part is how these three are the best ones to use with Smart TVs. Yep, they’ve got apps for Fire Stick devices and even without the app, the Smart DNS feature allowed me to use them with Apple TV, which isn’t usually possible. So plenty of support for streaming, but unfortunately, not so much for torrenting. Okay, now I think I’ve mentioned this in the NordVPN versus ExpressVPN review before, but NordVPN only allows P2P file transfers on certain servers. This is also true for Surfshark. ExpressVPN, however, is not limited in that way. Now on the other hand, I still chose NordVPN for torrenting most of the time, since it has a free SOCKS5 proxy, which doesn’t slow your speed during torrenting. Something these other competitors don’t offer.

App compatibility and limits

So in terms of apps, there isn’t much else to say. Each one is relatively easy to use and there are no major differences in terms of what they offer. Now as for design, well, each to their own. But personally, I think Surfshark is the best VPN for PC. I just like how its app looks and performs from the menu layout to the simplicity of the settings. Objectively speaking, there is one big difference since each VPN allows only a certain number of simultaneous connections. You can use six devices with NordVPN or five with ExpressVPN, but where Surfshark really separates itself from the pack is with an unlimited number of connections. Unfortunately, not everybody is like Surfshark

Bypassing restrictions

. Now limiting access to the internet is a common trend in some countries, like China. (Mike clearing throat) So in order to bypass those restrictions, VPNs use obfuscation. Surfshark has a NoBorder mode for just that and NordVPN has obfuscated servers. While ExpressVPN also has those, you won’t be able to find them. Instead, ExpressVPN will connect you to obfuscated servers automatically when you’re in a restrictive environment, much like Surfshark’s NoBorders mode.


But what ExpressVPN has that isn’t so covert is their higher price. I mean, whoa, that’s high. In comparison, NordVPN and Surfshark are more my speed, both quite affordable with their longer subscriptions. And even more affordable if you get one of the discounts from the description in this video. We compile the best deals we can find just for your convenience. Now, personally, I always try to test something before buying. Unfortunately, the answer to is Surfshark free is a big whopping no, but there is a free trial for both Surfshark and NordVPN. Can’t say the same about ExpressVPN. Well, at least it has a 30-day money back guarantee just like the other competitors do.


Okay, at this point you might get what NordVPN versus ExpressVPN versus Surfshark comparison boils down to. In both security and performance, ExpressVPN doesn’t quite reach the level of NordVPN and Surfshark. It loses in terms of extra features and pricing too. Though with emphasis on development, NordVPN and Surfshark showed tremendous growth in 2021. So it seems possible for them to keep developing to become even better VPN options for 2022. All right, real quick, you guys are already the best viewers, so let me know if this video was useful and if you have any questions. Just lay ’em out. All right, that’s it for this one. I’ll see you in the next one.


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