Bombora to release Robert Zubek’s Aspiring Game Writer’s Guide in June

by NxtVeeru, Friday, 10 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

elements of game design. How to Make Games You Can’t Put Down” is a basic game design course for anyone who dreams of making a new GTA or Minecraft.

Robert Zubek, Ph.D., a game designer and co-founder of an indie game studio in Chicago, devoted his authorship course to game design at Northwestern University. It was this program that formed the basis of his book “The Elements of Game Design. How to Make Games You Can’t Tear Yourself From.”

The course is designed for budding game makers who want to learn the basics of the trade from the comfort of their own home. In it, the author examines in detail the three main interconnected elements of game design: mechanics, the dynamics of player behavior and gameplay.

The Sims

In accessible language, Zubek tells how to bring the virtual world to life and provide the user with an unforgettable gaming experience. Taking the example of cult franchises such as Pac-Man, Diablo, The Sims and The Witcher, the reader will learn about the basic techniques and techniques used by game designers of commercially successful projects.

In the book, readers will find real student projects and cases of Robert himself, who has worked in major companies such as Electronic Arts/Maxis, Zynga and Three Rings Design during his career.

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