Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Begins June 9

by NxtVeeru, Wednesday, 8 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

It was called Zero Hour and adds a new map, weapon, specialist and battle pass to the shooter.

We already knew about Zero Hour before the official DICE announcements – this information has been actively leaked over the past week. Now the developers have confirmed it and also announced the start date of the upcoming season – June 9. What we expect from the content:

  • They add new Exposure map, which will send fighters to picturesque Canada. The location is a mountainous area with tunnels and secret complexes, and the emphasis is on vertical gameplay;
  • Players will get to know new specialist – Evelyn “The Fox”, in the arsenal of which an anti-tank guided missile is hidden. A resident of Poland also automatically marks enemy material if it has been hacked or damaged;
  • The arsenal of gamers themselves will also expand – they will get to try it crossbow and tactical rifle† The fleet is being expanded with: two new helicoptersand the gadget section is being restocked grenade launcher with smoke ammunition.
  • “Favorite” entered by users battle pass with free and paid progression – rewards are available to everyone, but the type and speed of receipt depends on whether you are ready to give your hard-earned money.

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