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Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan How can you take a Personal loan of up to 25 lakhs with Bajaj Finserv To be eligible for Bajaj Finserv’s personal loan service What documents should we have And following which terms and conditions We can be eligible to take a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv Here the loan amount you get under personal loan To refund that loan amount How many months or how many years can be  get Why should we take a loan from Bajaj Finserv here What are the benefits of taking a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv And the most important talk That many people say That if you take a loan from Bajaj Finserv So that you have to pay a very high interest rate So in this post we will also know That in personal loan of Bajaj Finserv How much percent interest will we have to pay And which extra charges on here That means hidden charges have to be paid So let’s know First of all, we know what are the benefits of taking a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv.

Friends here which is the first benefits It is here that if you want to take a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv Then the personal loan amount from Bajaj Finserv just within 24 hours Will come to your bank account That is, if you apply today So today, you loan amount for personal loan Can be paid to your bank account Its entire process can be completed in just 24 hours. The same as its second benefit High Loan Amount Here friends under personal loan Maximum amount of 25 lakhs can be obtained If you follow its Eligibility criteria The same as its third benefit Flexible Tenure That is, friends here get time to pay back the loan amount You are from 12 months to 60 months You can select the month you want So this is too much time, friends, to refund you the loan amount Which is its fourth benefits Online processing with Minimum Documentation This means that you can apply this personal loan online from anywhere. With very few documents Its fifth benefit which is friends No Hidden Charges Here friends you in this personal loan There is no extra charge or hidden charge Whatever charges have to be paid are already told to you. And this is the Six Benefit friends Is if you apply for a loan So in just 5 minutes your loan will be approved And if there is no approval Then within 5 minutes you will be told.

That you are not eligible for this loan You can’t get this loan So this process completes in just 5 minutes So these are the benefits of taking a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv Now it comes to who can get this loan Friends here if we talk about the eligibility criteria First of all let me tell you That only those people can get this loan Who has any regular income source That is, if that person does a job somewhere If they get salary then they can take If he is employed in a MNC Company They can get this loan If you work in a public sector or private sector company Then you can get this loan You can get a loan even if you are a self-employed So many people can get this loan, friends Talk about the other condition if So second Condition is Age Limit Friends from here if you want a loan So you should have minimum 23 years and maximum 55 years Third condition is here Minimum Cibil Score Here if you want to take a loan So your CIBIL score should be at least 700 That is, your civil score should be between 700 to 900.

If your civil score is less than 700 Then you cannot get a personal loan here And what is the fourth condition of it guys It is that you must be an Indian resident That means your Nationality should be Indian Only then can you get a personal loan under Bajaj Finserv Then you must have known friends Who can get this loan? Now it comes to know how to get this loan Friends, you don’t have to do much to take this loan First you have to go to the description of this post You will get a link You have to click on it As soon as you click on it This webpage will open in front of you. This friends is the official website of Bajaj Finserv.

Here friends, I have come in the section of personal loan Here you have to slide the bottom and this page Here you will get a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv You will get all the information You will find here what are its Features and Benefits And as soon as you slide down So slowly you will see all the information about it. So this is about the personal loan of Bajaj Finserv Almost all the information you can repent So how do we apply for loan Friends you don’t have to do much to apply What do you do Normally See below here is a button of Apply Now You have to click As soon as you click it A new webpage will open in front of you. In this webpage you will find three columns In the first column you have to fill your name.

Where you live in the second column That is to fill your resident city As soon as you write the name of the city There will be some Suggestions at the bottom of it. In which almost all the cities are given You have to select your city from those Suggestions Friends again in the third column You have to fill your mobile number So whatever your mobile number is, you have to fill it here.

After filling the mobile number Here, the below terms and conditions are written as seen below. And there hasn’t been a box before that If it is not already Tick Then you have to click here and tick this box. And then click on the Get Otp As soon as you click on the Get Otp What will happen then, whatever mobile number you have filed A Otp will be sent on that mobile number You have to fill that Otp here So you see whatever Otp has gone on your Mobile No You can fill it here If Otp does not go to your Mobile No for some reason What do you have to do then See here is an option of Resend Otp You have to click As soon as you click Then again another Otp will be sent to your number. You can fill it use it here.

After filling the Otp you have to click on submit Then a new page will open in front of you here In which is seen above written Hi Raushan Let’s get started with your Basic Information Here you have to select Employment Type. Then here are two options First Salaried & Second Self Employed So if you are salaried, then select salaried. If you are a self-employed, you can select a self-employed Below that you have to fill a Date of Birth. So whatever your Date of Birth is in Date of Birth That right information has to be given to you here. After filing Date of Birth You have to fill your monthly salary here So whatever your monthly salary is, you have to fill it here. After filling the Monthly salary amount, See here as soon as you fill Then some columns will open at the bottom In which you have to fill the PANCARD No in the first column.

In the column that follows, you Exixting Monthly EMI That is, if you already Is anyone going on EMI EMI of a loan or EMI of credit card is going on So the amount that is there, you have to fill it here So we don’t have any kind of EMI already So I give a fill 0 here Under which company you also work The Name of that company is also to be filled. See as soon as you want to fill the name So here again a lot of Suggestions come down So in those Suggestions You have to select your Company Name. Then look in the subsequent column You have to file a residence address And in the last column You have to fill the pincode of the residence address.

After filling the pincode You have to click submit Then see here something is being processed Hi raushan We are Redirecting you to the application form Please help us with a few more details to generate your offer See this information that I have just filled He is looking at all the information here Also here is a column blank of Residential Address 2. So you have to fill it And then you have to fill the personal mail here After filling the mail, here is another column Bank Name So see you in front of it, an arrow is seen here You have to click Then there will be an option to select Bank Name So any account in which you want to take a loan You have to select that account And again here is the last Do you have an ongoing or closed Home loan?

Have you taken a home loan before Or is there any Home Loan going on you If someone is running a loan Or if you have already taken it then you have to select Yes If you have not taken home loan before today Or No Home loan is going on Then you have to select No And then you have to click on the Get Offer See this, some offers have come in front of us Hi Raushan A Pre-Approved Personal Loan Of Rs 40,00,000 is ready for you How Much Would You like to Borrow How much loan amount do you want to give? I can take a loan of up to 4 lakhs in my name So if I want to take a loan amount, I will Fill here So like if I want to take 4 lakhs too Want to take a total loan amount So I will fill 4 Lakh here Here is the select annual after filling That is, this loan amount that you are taking now When do you want to return So here is the option of 24 months 36 months, 48 ​​months and 60 months I have told you earlier that you have the option of 12 months to 60 months of repayment So if I want to make a repayment in 48 months So I will select 48 months here So look here as you select If 24 months will be selected So how much EMI will you have to pay in 24 months That is, how much money you have to pay He’ll show you here If you will Pay in 36 months Then see how much you have to pay.

So as time progresses Your EMI Amount will decrease Your EMI will be yours and the amount that will be seen by you See here friends Rate of interest If we talk about our interest Here, how much interest will we have to pay for loan amount So that is also told to you See the rate of interest that is It will cost you 15% Same if you bring 24 months Even then you will only get 15% That is, take all the months you have Your rate of interest is only 15%. So how many months do you want to repayment That month you have to select So I want a 60 month EMI I will select 60 months And then see friends here Fee and Charges Extra Charges you include It only takes you one charge Processing Fees See you guys here for 3.99% You will get a loan amount for life too That means you will get as much loan as you You should take 4 lakhs, take 3 lakhs as much as you take As much as also your approval Here you have to pay processing fee of 3.99% So friends after selecting these three You have to click on Normally Apply Now Click on Apply Now Show here Submit your Employement Information Information on where you work is to be filled here As you see, The office Email-ID is to be filled. In the first column Wherever you work, in which company you also work It is an office Email -ID You have to fill it here Everything you do in the second column Select the post on which you work In the third column you have to fill your highest qualification. Where have you read till now You have to select it here In the fourth column, you have to select the institute.

From which institute have you studied Current work experience in the fifth column How many years of work experience do you have You want to fill it in Total Work Experience What does your total work experience even say? How old is he you have to fill here And see it guys office Loaction Pincode Where is your office The pincode it comes in That pincode you want to fill Work Phone Number A mobile number where you work Or there must be an STD number So you have to fill that phone number here Then you here Office Address Line 1 You have to fill your office address Address line 2, you have to fill this And in the last column Area in which your office comes To fill that area And after filling everything in the last You have to click on Normally Submit. So friends after submitting See here on submit your employment information Some information and filling is required When you slide this page down So see here some more options have come open In which it is being told For Faster Processing of your loan application You use Secure Banking Integration Technology This is saying friends That if you want your loan amount to be processed fast Then what do you have to do here In which account your salary also comes You have to be logged in here through NetBanking of that account.

Here in the first column You have to select bank Bank in which your salary comes In the second column you will find the customer Id And fill the pin in the third column Then you might be thinking that this is not secure of friends Your data may be leaked There can be many things There can be many things So you can pay here If you do not want to give, then there is also the option of skip So you click on skip A pop up will open again In this also you will get the option of skip Click on Skip Then you will see another webpage open here So you have to slide over Written here Your Application has been sent to our credit manager for approval Friends, you were applying for personal loan at Bajaj Finserv What is your application here Personal loan It has been sent to Bajaj Finserv’s credit manager Here the credit manager will check all your documents.

Whatever details you have given your PANCARD Will check your Civil score on its basis If you follow Bajaj Finserv’s Credit Loan Criterra Then your loan will be approved And then after getting approval Within a few hours you will get a call from Bajaj Which will tell you that you can get a loan up to this amount And you know how many loans you have applied for So you have to match them both Because what happens here is that many fraud calls are coming So here you have to verify That whatever man is calling you Is he from bajaj or not So friends here when you get a call Then they will tell you that your loan has been approved You can take a loan up to this amount So what you have to do That he will also accept some bank details from you No ATM card or CVV number will be accepted Bank details will be accepted, you will have to give bank details And after that he will give you a personal Email Send some mail Through which you will find the customer portal of Bajaj Finserv Create User ID and Password So after creating user id and password You will be able to login on the login portal of Bajaj Finserv And you will be able to manage your loan So after that, friends, at the same time the loan is approved Then within 24 hours Your loan amount will come to your bank account And in this way you can take a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv So if you liked this post So you can like this post If you notice anything bad in this post So you can comment in the comment box of this post So that we can improve our upcoming post.

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