A major update “Burning Sky” has been released for the online shooter Enlisted

by NxtVeeru, Tuesday, 7 June 2022 (4 weeks ago)

In all five campaigns, new types of weapons, attack aircraft and missile tanks became available, such as the legendary Katyusha and the M4 Sherman with the T34 multiple launch missile system (Calliope).

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software have released a major “Burning Sky” update for World War II online shooter Enlisted.

In it, the US Army was equipped with the legendary M4 Sherman with a T34 multiple launcher system (Calliope), capable of unleashing real hell on the battlefield, destroying infantry and equipment with 114mm missiles. The Germans received the Panzerwerfer 42 with a lightly armored platform and an additional anti-personnel machine gun as an analog, and the BM-8-24, also known as the Katyusha, but with more modest missiles and on the T-60 chassis, the Soviet soldiers cover.


In addition, the Simonov automatic rifle of the 1936 model of the year and the German StG-44 with sniper scopes, the Mosin M91/30 and Mauser 98k rifles with cumulative grenade launchers, the Suomi submachine gun and the Mosquito FB twin-engine strike fighter appeared in Enlisted . † mk. VI and the Italian “lynx” Breda 88.

A new Versus mode has been added to the game, requiring two teams to launch an active offensive to shift the dynamic frontline, and campaigns have been given new missions such as the “Village of La Perelle” with cornfields in Normandy and the “Railway Bridge” near Berlin.


With the release of Burning Sky, a mission editor became available to PC players, which Enlisted console fighters can also participate in. Users can transform all locations of the game by changing the landscape and replacing objects, working with spawn zones and capture points. Even the rules can be changed by creating a mission on a large map with battles in multiple cities at once.

Finally, the game has more options for weather conditions and time of day. Battles can now take place under the setting sun and in a thunderstorm, in a snowstorm and in a sandstorm. Thanks to the new technology for generating clouds and new thunderstorms, the weather conditions in Enlisted have become even more atmospheric.

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